GCD Post on Global Understanding

With the general trend of globalization all over the world, as a member of the global community and also as a student of YIS, having a wide global perspective is essential. In geography class, we have a privilege to look into the global situation between countries and communities. First unit for out geography in the IB was population. We looked into the change in population in countries and the movement of people. In this unit we saw the drastic increase of the population in the past decades. The consequence of that is the natalist policies. We saw huge difference between Japan and China which is just across each other. This really interested me because although physically the two countries are really close, their policies on population completely opposed from each other. In another unit, we looked into how some countries have different opinion on global problems. America and Russia has two vastly different opinions on the problem in Syria. In geo class, I was able to further my understanding by researching why the two countries have that different of an opinion. In geography class, I was able to look into more incidents where we need the understanding of global perspectives. This has changed me as a person because I am able to think about how the others have different opinion from me. Not only that I can now talk about the reasoning behind the countries’ action.

In YIS I am also able to understand the global perspective from a cultural aspect too. In my Japanese class, we study old books which was written in the past. We do research on why those books are still read in the modern world. When researching, we understand how the cultural background causes books to be interpreted differently. We also do something similar in English class where we not only look at English books but translated plays which consists culture from other countries. I think these experiences has taught me to become more open minded. I am now able to look at problems and situations from many sides.

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