GCD Post on Global Understanding

With the general trend of globalization all over the world, as a member of the global community and also as a student of YIS, having a wide global perspective is essential. In geography class, we have a privilege to look into the global situation between countries and communities. First unit for out geography in the IB was population. We looked into the change in population in countries and the movement of people. In this unit we saw the drastic increase of the population in the past decades. The consequence of that is the natalist policies. We saw huge difference between Japan and China which is just across each other. This really interested me because although physically the two countries are really close, their policies on natalism completely opposed from each other. In another unit, we looked into how some countries have different opinion on global problems. America and Russia has two vastly different opinions on the problem in Syria. In geo class, I was able to further my understanding by researching why the two countries have that different of an opinion. In geography class, I was able to look into more incidents where we need the understanding of global perspectives. This has changed me as a person because I am able to think about how the others have different opinion from me. Not only that I can now talk about the reasoning behind the countries’ action. One of the most looked into topic in Geography class is relationship between Japan and China. For one of the unit we looked at Senkaku islands, Diaoyu island in Chinese. Economically, both countries are arguing over the island for the extension of their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). EEZ is a concept which allows coastal state to have rights over resource and the use of them in area of 200 miles from the shore. With the increase of the EEZ due to Senkaku or Diaoyu islands, both countries will be able to extract and use the resources to further develop. From the view of Japan, I believe that they are in need of resources such as underground oil which is found around the area. This is because Japan is heavily dependant on imports which diminishes the economic growth. On the other hand, with the drastic growth of population in the past few decades, China is in desperate need of food. With extension of EEZ, China is able to have a temporary solution to their problem of food shortage. This will give them the time to think of a solution on the long run. There are political reason why China and Japan is fighting over the island too. The main reason for Japan is to show that Japan is still capable of keeping its stance. This politically gives the message that Japanese government is not letting the Chinese government push them around. At the same time, Chinese government is trying to express their power within the Asian countries by taking the islands. With this, they will be step closer as the superpower of the world. Both countries have its own reasons to have the island for themselves. However China has an advantage as it has stronger influence due to the size of its country. Larger size means that there are more resource that can be taken out making the country rich in resources. This will make China more influential in economics because countries will trade for resources and goods. As this happens China’s influence over the world increases and it can be proved with the fact that China has become the closest country to become the super power of the world. This is the privilege that China have over Japan. China is able to have more influence due to its physical size and its economical strength. 

As a Japanese citizen, I believe that Japan has the rights to the island. This knowledge comes from history and the education by the Japanese government. However with broader global understanding, I now understand why the Chinese government is working hard to gain the control over the island.

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