My room staging

For drama, we are now starting to look at the staging and how it works. In this assignment, we had to create our own room on the paper as a “set” of the play. We had magazines and cloth to create a collage on a white paper. We had to come up with ideas. The theme was “My room is my…”. I think my room is my relaxing room. There aren’t many things on my paper (room) That is because my “relaxing” room has to be very simple in  order for me to just sit there and rest. I don’t have to be doing something to be relaxing.


The first thing I did with my work is that I cut out things that was in my room and that was also my favorite things. I also looked at what had good combination with other things because since it is my relaxing room I had to have color that was too strong and stop my me from getting rest. Not only that my room will look unorganised and dirty. In my work I left many white space. That is to show how my room can be spacey so I can rest and do things I want to do. I added two sports in the paper. Baseball and Basketball this is because they are the two sports I play a lot and like. I wanted to add volleyball because that is also one of my favorite sport. However sadly I couldn’t find any picture of volleyball. I also had some knives and deodorant because I have some of them in my room. So I had different type of things on my paper.


Overall I think I did pretty well with my work because I was able to balance out things I have and the space I had on my paper and it didn’t feel super packed. My bed was hand made because I couldn’t find any picture of it. However it described my bed pretty well because my bed isn’t anything fancy. It is just simple and just for sleeping. The bed I made on paper is just like that. It is simple and nothing special. It also created a feeling of my room being is simple and nothing complicated.

Stock Market

Toyota Motors

The main reason why Toyota Motor’s stock went up is because the oil price dropped drastically.  The oil price has been dropping for last few months because they were over producing them. So people used cars to travel since it didn’t cost as much money as it did. People who didn’t have car started to buy car thanks to the oil price crashing. So the main cause of Toyota Motor’s stock rising is oil price crash. 


The main reason why Volkswagen’s stock dropped was because they were lying about their cars. They have deceived their costumers by faking the amount of gas that was released when using the car. 

The Effect of Music On Memory

Today in InS class we looked at what can affect memory. In the last class we looked at difference between visual memory and audio memory. However today in class we looked at how music can affect our memory.

I believed that music would help working memory because I thought it would help concentrate. Also I predicted that Welcome to the jungles by Gun’s and Roses was going to have the most affect since the song is very loud and it can be the most distracting or most helpful. Also I thought that let it go would be the most helpful since everyone knows that song and have heard it many times.


In today’s experiment, we first had 4 columns of 13 words. Then we pick 3 music to listen whilst trying to remember the words in one column. For today we chose Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Welcome to the Jungle, and last and definitely the least (wink wink Mr. MacAulay)  least Frozen. Then we had 1 minute to memorise the song with white noise, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, welcome to the jungle, and let it go. I scored the best on white noise, getting 13 points. My worse was welcome to the jungle where I got 10 points. I was first surprised that people scored the lowest in Lucy in the sky with the diamonds. However when I thought about it and realised that that was the first one which could have surprised the testiest and could have affected the test results.



Nature and Nurture

For past years in phycology, phycologists have been talking about Nature and NurtureNature and Nurture is two ways that people act.

Nature is when people act the way they do because of their genes and how their parent’s were. Nature is related to DeNA and their parent’s genes. Parent’s genes gets passed to their child. Nurture is when people’s action is influenced by the environment they are in. Nature is genetic and biological factors that affects children’s while Nurture is environmental factors.


Lots of studies was done to study this topic. One of the famous one is the story of the Jim Twins. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were identical twins born in 1940. However they were raised by different parents which means that they were in different environment. This was one of the first separation test. This was a test for nurture. The twins were reunited after 39 years. At that point they started to understand their similarities and differences. Psychologists were very surprised with the result that they found out. Both of these twins suffered from headaches, they both bit their nails , smoked same kind of  cigarettes, drove similar types of car and not only that they went to the same beach in Florida for vacation. This result was surprised us because it proved that they both were heavy smokers, they both bit their nails and they both suffered from headaches suggests that genetics play an important role in shaping who you are. This also shows that environment doesn’t affect as big of a roll as genes.

In conclusion from researching about Nature and Nurture, I think that Nature affects people more than nurture. As you can see in Jim twin‘s case, they had a lot of similarities even if they were raised in different environment. University of Minnesota took over 137 pairs of twins as test and it all proved that nature had a bigger impact. This all proves that you are not what you are influenced from others around you but you are what you are from inside. Genes affect you the most.





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Drama Journal #4

Key Idea: For the last two week we concentrated on language. Language is very important to drama since it is one of the way to communicate with the audience.  For last two weeks we looked at voice and the way people changed the way they talk with little kids and adults. However verbal isn’t the only way actors communicate with the audience. Facial expression and body language was really important too. The body language changed a lot when the person was talking to a little kid compared to adults.  Depending on the character the actor is acting as, the characters would use certain words or not use some certain words. Language helps us as actor because we can show what the actor is trying to act out and their personality.


In class we acted out a scene where a little kid and their parents were at a movie theatre for the kid’s birthday. One of the parent came in late and the other had to act out how to use language with kids and with the other parent. It was interesting to see Mira, Kana, and Solon’s group because Kana had a different usage in language, body language and facial expression when they had the kid and when they didn’t. When Kana and Solon had Mira near them, Kana wouldn’t show the anger out but as soon as Mira went to the bathroom, Kana started to shout at Solon, showing all the anger that she had. However as soon as Mira came back and started to cry because they were fighting, they “solved” the problem and became happy again.



What we achieved from doing the work is that we now know how to react to people in front of different audiences. Not only that now we can use this skill to create comedy. If we can master the skill of know when to use the appropriate language for different audiences, then it is really easy to control the mood of the whole act. However there were some problems, few of them were that we didn’t know how to react to little kids naturally. When we tried to using the little child appropriate words, it wasn’t really natural. So we had to practice a lot to make it natural and to keep it fluent.




Usage of language and tension can be connected since language can be one of the way to create obvious tension. If we can use words that is really baby-ish in front of people who are really old, it can show that they are making fun of them and it can create tension between people. Not only that it is really important for creating focus too. Using different kind of language can create focus on the stage and it is really useful when there are many “talking” going on on the stage.

Drama Journal #3

Topic: Focus and/or Place/Space
Key Idea (Explanation of a concept explored)


We learned many things in drama this week, however the main three things were focus, placing and space. When performing, it is really important to know where people are going to focus on since you can use that to show something with out making it too obvious. Then we can use the focus and create tension. (We learned how to create tension last week!)  The placing on the stage is really important because some places are easier to get the focus of the audience. On stage there are 9 parts to it. The parts are upstage right, upstage center, upstage left, right, center, left, downstage right, downstage center, downstage left. The main focus for most of audience is downstage right, downstage center, and downstage left. The set up for the names are from the performer’s point of view not the audience’s . This is called blocking and it is really useful for back stage work and rehearsals with technical aspect which I am good at.
Approach (Process in class or in rehearsal)

I only attended half class of drama this week so I am not a master of focus, placing, and space however we did some activity in the first half of the class. In the class we were in groups and we were suppose to make a scene of bank robbery with only have 1 person saying 3 words, 1 saying 2, and 1 say 1 word. I was in the group with Garrel and Kosei. This was a good activity for focus because we had to choose the right words and we had to be focused. In the scene Kosei and Garrel was robbers and I was the bank clerk. They would come in and scream at me since they were robbers and they had to act strong. Garrel said 3 words and Kosei spoke 2 words. It was really tough for me because I have to respond using 1 word.

Outcome (Achievements, Problems, Solutions)

As a class we did a focus activity. There were three scenes and there were different focus and tension in each one. First one was just walking normally and there were no focus no tension nothing. No one made eye contact no one did anything. The second was scene was finding a pen. It was really interesting that as an audience we were looking at kent’s hand and where his eyes were looking at. This was a good activity to know about how people can create focus with just a simple thing. The third scene was about bomb. Yes BOMB 😀 In this scene Kent became a person who takes out bomb. However he first had to find where the bomb is. As an audience, we looked around the whole stage to see where the bomb is. Not only that we looked at his movement since bomb is dangerous and it had tension. When Kent screamed out “I FOUND THE BOMB!” Everybody in the audience looked his way and was concentrated. This showed that if there is tension and there is a small ignition material then it can create the whole play to have a excited mood.

Connections (between ideas, skills and practice > even live theatre)


Drama Journal #2


Key Idea: This week’s key point was tension. Tension is a way to make the audience get hooked and get interested into the show. A good way to see if you have tension in the play is to observe the audience and see if they are getting hooked into the scene or not. There are many kinds of tension, there are expected, unexpected, task, mystery and many more.


Approach: In class we looked at tension by playing many useful games. For example, The Holly Hat, Medusa’s crown these games showed us how tension can be made in different ways. In the Holly Hat, the tension was unexpected because no one knew when Mr. M was going to scream or what he was going to do. What made the game so hard was that we weren’t allowed to grin, smile or even make unnecessary movements.  The other game, Medusa’s crown was also an unexpected game because we didn’t know when the Medusa was going turn back to see if the other players were taking the crown or not. The objective of this game was to get the crown all the way to the other side of the room. However when people were caught moving or caught with the crown by the Medusa, they had to go all the way back to the beginning line. Going back to Holly hat, it was interesting how people reacted. In our class there were few kinds of people. There were people who bursted into laugh because of tension broken by Mr. M’s singing or random screams. There were people who bursted into laughter because of other starting to giggle and there were people who stayed calm even if anything happened. First time there were many of the first type and the second type. However when we did it the second time, the tension became more of the expected side so there were less people bursting into laughter. However some people for example Takumi still bursted into laughter even after he has seen what was going to happen.


Outcome: As a class split out into 4 or 5 groups and made 2 minutes play for a summative project. In the play we were required to create a lot of tension. In our play we made a ritual by having a scarifies. Our main tension was task. Tension of task is where the task is really hard so if you make a mistake people can get killed or get in trouble. In my opinion, we have successfully created tension in our play since there weren’t many people talking while we did our part that had lots of tension. Not only we had tension of task, we also added tension of the unexpected because we thought it was interesting to have more than one kind of tension.

Tension is often used in movies but also in books. In books authors uses words to create tension but in theatre people can use the way people act, sound effects, and lights. This is where my favourite part of drama comes in, lighting. Lighting can change the scene’s mood dramatically. The mood can be changed with tension. If I can get light set up to be gloomy and dark then it is more likely that people are going to feel the tension.


Overall I think I did a good job this week on creating tension. Our group have done well on our summative project even though we could have done a bit better with the plot.

Drama Journal week 1

Human Context

For the past two weeks we have been learning about several things that is important in drama. The first one is called human Context. Others are roles, purpose and status which is what makes up human context. We explored on how we can show the roles without actually telling them that we are a specific person. We would not only look at one person but we saw the relationships between few people. For example we saw grandmother and granddaughter talking about problems. The first week took roles because it is really important piece in drama. Not only that it was also the first week so we had learned how the class works. On the second week we looked deeper into drama by looking at purpose and status. Purpose is simply a cause of one another. If a policeman is at a donut store his purpose for being there is that he wants donuts. Purpose was something that is deeper that I thought because purpose can have variety of actions with it. If the purpose is a bit different then the whole act can be something that is not even similar.  

Last but certainly not the least, we looked at status. Status is simply rank of people who are in the act. For example if there was a boss, worker and part time job, then the highest status will be the boss, next will be the worker, and last will be part time job. however status was interesting and different from other things. Status would easily flip if something happens. So if I take the same situation but make the storyline a bit different then the whole status will be different. If the boss was fired the worker would be higher than him. Not only that if the part time job was son of the CEO he might even be higher than the worker.



The way we approached roles was that we would try to create a “character” in a role. So we would accept whatever the partner says and we started to create changes into the character. In class we would do many activities that helps us understand the key points better. One of the activies taught us how to accept any character that the partner gives.


In last two weeks we achieved on learning how to create characteristic in a role and character. Obviously we aren’t perfect at it because it is something that you can’t learn in few weeks. However I think we started to get to the point where we can create a character with depth.

I think that connections between characters and people and real life can be easly thought because many of the character we do it based on what people actually have done before.

Starting a new business

For first few weeks of the individual and society class we came up with ideas of new business. Our idea was to put pocket wifi and portable charger into one. We created MBWC , Multi-Battery Wifi Charger, which is pocket size and light. Our product is very easy to use and it has touch screen.

This product will be medium priced so anyone can afford it but we will get profit. We wouldn’t make it rare because then people who wants it might buy it. We will try to sell it to not only to young people but also to seniors who wants to start using devices. It is really expensive to set up Wifi router and it can take lots of time. In fact that can be the main reason why seniors don’t start using devices. So first we will try to sell it to young people and middle aged people. So we can have more customer reviews. After that we will start researching more and sell it to seniors. The whole price MUST be cheaper than pocket wifi and portable charger added together. For monthly payment for wifi part is all decided by the customers. We will make few plans and customers can choose which company they can use. We will be a brokerage company between the customers and the wifi company.

We will employ couple of people for machinery and for being a reception. We will set up our office at Yokohama because it has strong trading system between Asia. We will first want to sell it over Asia. We will keep our company really simple first and try to get enough money so we can first pay back the money that we got to start up the business. Then we can sell it over the world.

We will need substantial amount so we can buy the machines and all so it will be about $100,000. We will use these money to first employ people, then get machine, and to get a office and a small factory. We will get the some of the money from online by using online website. For example However I don’t except to get $100k just by online. So I will go to the back and ask the bank to loan us money.


This product has never have been made but it is needed because people don’t want to bring two things when we can make it into one. This is an innovative product because now that we can get two out of one, we do not need to waste any extra resources that we will normally use. We can cut down the amount of money we use and amount of resources.

Mr. M’s Tutor Class


What were the high points and low points of this week?  What made it a high point and a low point? (The what part of the question is most important). There were a lot of  high points this week and the first one is that we were able to meet new students and get to know them pretty well. There were many nice kids coming into our school and it felt like our school is gonna be better with these people. There were many people that had same interest and there was even a person who was in my old school. I really enjoyed hanging out with the new kids this first week. Another high point was that the teachers let me and other freshmen into a smooth transition from middle school to high school. Not only the teachers also Sophomore, Junior, Senior was really nice and let us into high school and helped us through our first few days.

The low points was that I miss my friends that left and I really wanted to be with them when we came up to high school. Some other low points is that I can feel that high school is going to be really different from middle school and I am kind of worried.

How are you planning on organising yourself to complete homework tasks this year? This year I am trying to organise myself by using PAPER calender effectively and I will get my homework done before I can do things that I like to do.