Why do people view history differently and why does it matter that they do?

I think that people view history differently because every time some one tells the other person a story, it changes a bit. The only people that knows the actual truth is people who was there. The person there might tell the story to their son or someone else but over-exxagrate it, lie, or he might not even remember that well about it. The biggest reason, in my mind, that people lie about the event is that they don’t really support or like the other side’s opinion. As this continues the story will change whole lot by the time story gets to the grandson or grand grand son.

I think that people seeing the history differently really matters because when people see history differently there will be a problem. For example since China and Japan sees history different with the Senkaku island, they have conflicts over who has the right to keep the land.




Buddhism Talk :D

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In Buddhism meeting on the 24th I learned that a lot of people believe in different things. I’ve knew that from long time ago but that day was the first day to feel it. I can feel how the person who was talking was feeling about Buddhism since he was talking with love. I enjoyed writing the Sutra  but listening to him was kind of  (With all the respect) boring. It wasn’t very unique. I heard that in my old school before so I was kind of used to it. It was better when we actually did something not only sat there. I think the purpose of the meditation was to concentrate and think about what you have done bad or good. Also the copying was for finding out what you might be good at? I am really not sure.  I think Buddhism affect Japan by how we act. A lot of people in Japan is Buddhist so Japan is acted by Buddhism. I think some of my friends are Buddhist so that affected my life.