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I think that having an audience and thinking of other people laughing at your fail is one of the biggest thing that is stoping me to be a good speaker.

I think that I can start with talking in front of the camera before people because if it is camera it will be easier than actually speaking in front of others. Then as I get used to it I can start having people watch me and get used to that.


They are mental barriers that I can take down if I take more time and do more speeches.

Drama Persuasive Speech

Clip #27 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Our class have done a summative assessment on speeches. I have talked about green tea and how it affects well on human body. I think my speech was good but had points that could have improved more. I think I did well on creating the speech and researching for the details. However I could have improved on talking more smoothly and remembering some of the parts so I can look up.

I think I can use persuasive speeches on job interviews or to get someone to listen to you. If I am in a job interview, I will have to talk about my self and why I want the job. The part where I would be explaining why I want the job will be very hard if I can’t persuade anyone with my speeches.

I think it is useful to know how to structure my speech because in my life I will be making a speech and it will be VERY important for me to be able to write a persuasive speech. It is important to present my speech well because I will need to present more speeches if I want to be a good leader or to be a person who talks with other people.


Drama reflection

Elevator #3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I think we did an ok job for our elevator scene. However I think we have to work harder on the realistic parts. For example when the  elevator stops, people on my group or I might try to open the door or press a yellow call button on the elevator. Also I think it will be better to add a part where one person talks with the person that helps with elevator emergency and maybe Nerd (Kaz) can be fixing the elevator.

I think there are more things we can do better.


What does stereotype mean?

Stereotype is when you judge people by their culture, race, and jobs.

When are stereotypes useful?

when you need to act out a person quickly, people will know the stereotypes so people can understand what you are acting.

Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

No one can say NO or YES because some books you can since it is obvious but some books can be abstract so it is harder.