Responding to Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

Spy school

by Stuart Gibbs

Page 22 23

Two agent


a gunfight

enemy spy


at the stair case

toward oak doors


 needs to pee

I froze

clenched my arm

this wasn’t expected

Duck my head

building terror

So I wrote this found poem from a book called Spy school. It has been extra hard for me to find good words from 2 pages and actually write a poem. I have made an interesting poem by using words that was in the pages i chose. The main key words for the two pages were:

pee, terror, duck

These three words were very different and it was very hard to use them well. I couldn’t get any ideas for first few minutes. Then I thought of making the poem like a story. However it didn’t work so I just took out the chronological words and made it to this. I couldn’t  make any literally devices because it didn’t have much things to compare or even make them.

English post

For english class we have been learning the difference and similarities between poems and ads.

In my opinion when they both use visual and textual language to move people they use something different. For poems the whole thing is more textual than visual since there are only words. However the poems can be drawn by using the text. The author can put the words anywhere on paper to make it look like an object. On the other hand most ads have very little text. They mainly have images that are related to the ad and very little words is written. Ad uses more visual reference than poem because they they ads important text into the pictures or they combine the two to make it very interesting to watch. However the bad thing about the ad is that there isn’t much information put into it. There will be important ones but not the side notes that some people might want to know. On the other hand poems have a lot of information that can be used if people wanted to. If the audience wanted tp see the pictures they would look at the shape of the poem or imagine what is happening in the poem.

So to sum things up, the two,  Ads and poems, have different aspects and different techniques to move people. Ad uses images and simply writing to move people. They also use figurative languages and using comparisons to create the mood. However the poem uses language to move people. They create very convincing mood so they might be influenced. Poems might be using Pathos to influence people.

Heart of a Samurai book review

What will happen if you are lost in the world and saved by people that doesn’t understand your language? The book Heart of Samurai  by Margi Preus about a guy named Manjiro getting lost in the ocean but getting saved by white people. Manjiro and his friends were forced to travel to US before they can go back to Japan. When the master of the ship were taking Manjiro’s friends back, he asked Manjiro if he wanted to stay and study English. Then Manjiro stayed and studied about US’s language and technology. Then when he went back to Japan he helped the country from attacks and getting stronger. The theme for this book is that doing something extraordinary can be very painful and hard but it will help you or your country at last. I think this book is amazing because the author uses the jsut right perfect words for the part that is very exciting and that has a lot of thrill. She creates this mood in the text and she does it so well that it feels like we are inside the book and actually doing the action. Also the second reason why I really like this book is that the author is really good at showing what is happening not telling. Since showing includes using precise words, it connects with the first point. The last point is that Margi Preus did absolutely stunning job making the reader feel “Fun” while reading this book. Very mythically I have felt strangely fun during the reading time. It didn’t feel like reading. It felt like I was just having fun and doing what I wanted to do.

So in conclusion, I think this book is about doing something extraordinary can be very painful and hard but it will help you or your country at last. This book is really cool and exciting so if you like historical books, I think you guys would love it!

Thanks for reading!