Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week, we are going to Field Studies in Hakuba(Nagano prefecture). We are going to do a lot of fun activities like canoeing, going on a hot air balloon and more. I have been to Hakuba before and it is a really beautiful place. I loved…


This is also my BFF! <3

Early Human Talk Show

Reflection: In this video, we pretended that 3 early humans time traveled and came to the human world and a reporter is going to interview the early humans. To do this we split into groups of 4 and one person became the reporter, and the…

Investigate Reflection

In the 6 weeks we worked on three things. The first one is the blog research, the second one is our brainstorm and our third one is our word press. We did this to understand what we can do to make a blog look good….

P.E Essay

In the four weeks, I learned about Cardio Vascular Endurance, what fit means, Flexibility, and Muscular Strength. I learned what it means and how you can test them in class. Cardio Vascular Endurance means how much your heart can keep going. There are a lot…

Mise en Train, Chapitre 1

Activité 1: Tu as compris? Did you understand? 1. What are these teenagers talking about? 2. What information do they give you in the first few lines of their introductions? 3. What are some of the things they like? 4. Which of them have interests in common? My Answers: 1….

My wordle

I think my Family is the most important thing in your life because they are always by your side and they are the one’s that they will always help you when you need help. I also think friends are so important in your life because…