Investigate Reflection

In the 6 weeks we worked on three things. The first one is the blog research, the second one is our brainstorm and our third one is our word press. We did this to understand what we can do to make a blog look good. I learned that we have to know these things because than we know what a good post is and how to make a good blog.

On the blog research, we looked at three blogs and wrote positive comments about how the blog looks like. I think this helped me because if we know what a good blog looks like than we can make our blog better and interesting. Another thing that you can have to make a good blog is to have some picture or photos for the post. I learned that we need to have pictures so that the reader will be easier to understand the text. I also learned that we need to have different fonts to make the text catchy to get the reader’s attention.

On the brainstorm, we brainstormed ideas of what we can put on our blogs so people from all around the world would be interested and look at them. I think this will help me when I have nothing to post on my blog because if i don’t post for a long time, people who used to always look at my blog might not look at my blog anymore.



For the word press we spilt into groups and researched about the topic you were given. Then we all came together and taught each other about their topic and learned what we can do with our blogs to make it cool. I learned how to make a new post, add links, pick our theme/background, adding new categories, managing widgets and more.


The most important criteria’s to me are organization, updates and pictures. I think organization is important because if your blog is well organized, the reader will find the post easily without having some trouble finding it. Also if your blog is organized, the reader might find something interesting about your blog post and might want to go to the category and learn more about it. I think updated are important because if a reader was visiting your post every week to find something interesting, and if they don’t find anything for 1 month, they will get bored and they will not visit your blog anymore. So if you want  a person to keep reading your blog and leave you comments, I learned that you have to keep on posting new information. I also think pictures is a very important thing to have on your blog because if you have pictures about your blog posts,  it is easier to understand what you mean on the blog post.

If you want to check these thing, for organization, you can see if every post that you have is in a category. For updates, you can look at your blog and check the date of your last post and see if you need to post something even if it is not about school. If you have no idea what to post but you need to post, you can check your brainstorm and see what you can post. For pictures, you can look at your blog and see if you have enough pictures to understand the text.

I think I have done a pretty nice job with my blog. Now I know most of the things that I can do with my blog and I have enough information, so I want to make categories for each of the classes and add more pictures on my blog posts to help the reader understand what I mean. I am looking forward to our next unit!



  1. Kim Cofino · November 13, 2012 at 1:16 am ·

    Fantastic work Saya! It’s great to see how much you learned from each of our tasks, and how you’re already applying it to your plans for your blog. You’ve selected three important criteria for your blog, and you have some great strategies in place to make sure you meet them. I’m looking forward to seeing your blog grow!

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