Plan Reflection

In this 3 weeks, we worked on the Design and Plan stage of our Design Cycle. In this unit, we have drawn three blogs designs and worked on How to Grow a Blog. My favorite activity that we did in these two is the activity that we drew three blog designs because I love designing and drawing and it was also really interesting to look at other people’s blog design to see what kind of blog they like. I also liked the How to Grow a Blog because after I finished this document, I knew what my goal is and what I can do to reach this goal.

As I said before we drew three blog designs and chose our favorite one to pick the nearest theme to our blog design. For example, I drew an i phone design, Christmas design and a peaceful design. In those three, my favorite one was the Christmas one as you can see under so I went to my blog themes and picked the closest one to my design. I picked the theme that I am using now because it uses a font that is Christmassy and a little bit girly and also because the layout of the theme is neat and you won’t get distracted by the widgets so you can concentrate on the blog posts. Another reason that I chose this theme is because it doesn’t use too many bright colors to not make your eyes tiring and instead it makes you relaxed because it is using brown as the background color. I think this theme represents me because I often use the font that is used in my blog and I also like these colors of it.


Also as I introduced before, on our How to Grow a Blog we first thought of what we want our blogs to be like to pick a goal that you want to reach. For example, my goal is to have at least 100 visitors until the end of 6th grade. To check that I think I will first have to get a widget that counts how many visitors I have. Also to get more visitors, I think I would ask other people about favorite types of blogs because then I can make my blog more interesting. Then I think the next step would be to change my theme, put more widgets, and post new things on my blog so people will be able to see more of my posts without getting to wait, get bored and leave the page and not check my blog anymore. Also I think visiting peoples blog and commenting on it will help you too because if you comment they can see who visited their blog so they might come to your blog and be one of the visitors. Because of this activity I got to learn what I want to improve about my blog and what I can do from now on to get more people visiting it.


I think this unit was very enjoyable and fun. I also think that I did a good job on drawing because Ms.Cofino, our great teacher told me that she will show the 5th graders my drawing as one of the neat works. I am really proud of myself. I think the most hardest part of this unit was thinking of what you want to improve about your blog because I had a lot of goals that I wanted to achieve but I had to pick one of them and say what I have to do to reach that goal. Now that I know what I should do and what my aim is so I will want to upload a post once a week and do what I said I would do. I am really looking forward to the next unit✿



  1. Kim Cofino · November 24, 2012 at 12:19 am ·

    Great job Saya! Your drawings are amazing! I’m glad you chose this design, I haven’t seen it before and it’s really simple and clean. I think you can probably choose a background color that will match a little more (since it’s really hard to see the image you have underneath). I’m sure you are going to meet your goal from your How to Grow a Blog!

  2. Aisling · November 29, 2012 at 10:49 am ·

    I luv the Christmas design!! its so cute!!!

  3. Saya · November 29, 2012 at 11:24 am ·

    Thanks 😀

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