Create Reflection

In this one week, after we finished the Investigate part and the Design and Plan section, we worked on the Create Part of our Design Cycle. In the create section, we have done our About Me page on our blogs. We wrote where we are from, what we like and more information about ourselves. In this unit, we also made a navigation menu to make a drop down. The most enjoyable activity in this unit was making my About Me page because I like to write about myself.

I am really happy with my blog design because it is simple but colorful. For example, I like my background because it is an unusual picture and it also includes all of my favorite colors. I sometimes feel like it is telling me that nothing is impossible when I look at this picture because there might be a chance to make rainbow waterfalls in the future and because it is realistic but not realistic at the same time.





My most part that I am proud of is my widgets because there are not too complicated and they don’t catch your attention to make the readers focus on the text. For example, on my Shelfari widget, the shelf design is simple and if you want to look at all of my favorite books, you just have to click the arrows to move to the next page.

I am also proud of my cursor because it fits my blog design and it also isn’t too attractive.





In this unit, I learned how to make a navigation menu and how to make a new page. From now, I would like to improve on making my blog more interesting and neat for the reader to understand my blog. I also want to improve on getting more widgets because if the reader gets bored of looking at my blog, they can enjoy themselves bye playing on the widgets. For example by making there own character. In the future, I hope I will have a super good blog that is fun to read. And I am really excited to work on the next part of the cycle. 😀


  1. Kim Cofino · November 28, 2012 at 7:57 am ·

    Fantastic work Saya! I really enjoyed reading about your reasons for liking this background picture! I never would have thought of that, and it’s great! I also didn’t know you went to SAS before YIS! So, I learned something new and interesting about you from your About Me page!

  2. Maya · January 15, 2013 at 8:06 pm ·

    Hi my name is maya and I moved to Hawaii last year during the summer. Before I came to Hawaii I lived in japan. I think your reflection was very good. I loved how you talked about the rainbow whaterfall. I thought that your blog was very neat and organized.