Investigate Reflection

In this unit, we have started to learn how to make a tutorial. First, we found our favorite tutorial on Youtube and we focused on what was good about it, what had to be improved and what we learned from that tutorial. Next, we went to our tutorial research and wrote down all the information that we thought about. Then, we looked at other people’s blog and commented on their, favorite tutorial. I commented on “Hana’s Awesome Blog 😀 🙂” , “Emma’s Blog” and “Satono’s Blog“.

This is a screenshot of my Tutorial research:






On Hana’s blog, I watched a tutorial of how to draw a flower. I thought that this tutorial was good because the person spoke and it showed how you can put detail in to the flower petals. Another thing that I thought was good was that she mentioned the materials that you needed during the tutorial. From this tutorial, I thought that maybe I can use close-ups to show the viewers what I really mean.

In Emma’s blog, I watched a video about how to make a popsicle soap. I really liked this tutorial because it told you what kind of material you should be using and it also told you how you can rap the popsicle soap when giving it to someone else as a present. I also liked the way the person spoke loudly. In my tutorial, I think I would show the steps by drawing them step-by-step like this tutorial.

In Satono’s blog, I looked at a tutorial about cheerleading and I from this video, I learned how to do a back handspring. I liked the way the person talked clearly and loudly because it was really easy to understand. I also liked the way she gave us some tips of when you do a back handspring. From this tutorial, I learned that I could also show my face in the video to make the viewers think like I am actually talking to them.

During the investigate, I learned that to make it easier for the viewers to look at my tutorial, the brightness has to be just right because it would be really hard to look at what I did for that step. To make this happen, I could first try different brightnesses and choose the best one.

In my google presentation, “How to choose a theme for your blog”, I tried to write down simple and easy descriptions. Just like the tutorials that I watched, I took screenshot that was zoomed into the focus. I think if I had recorded my voice on it, then it would have been better because for some people it might be difficult and boring to watch. This is my google presentation.

I really enjoyed making a google presentation because I like it and it is simple to look at. I also enjoyed this unit because we were able to look at tutorial that were about things that we want or like to do. I am looking forward to making my own tutorial!!

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  1. Kim Cofino · March 1, 2013 at 3:58 am ·

    Great job Saya! I’m really impressed with what you learned from the different tutorials you watched and how you are able to apply it to the creation of your own tutorial. You are definitely on track for making an awesome tutorial! I can’t wait to see your finished product 🙂