Tech Teachers of the Future Plan Reflection

In technology, we had been planning out what to do for our tutorial. To get ready, we made a storyboard and a timeline plan. On our storyboard, we had to draw what we were suppose to do in that scene and what we were suppose to say. On our timeline plan, we planned out our schedule for making our tutorial and wrote down our due dates so that we would be able to finish our tutorial on time.  I think that when making a tutorial, creating a storyboard and planning out your schedule is a really important thing because when your filming or editing, you wouldn’t have to film the scene all over again because you planned out what your were going to say in your storyboard and you also should have been practicing by that time.

This is a picture of my timeline plan:







I think that four in all of the criteria’s met my storyboard. I think I demonstrated the criteria’s “zoom”, “well-planned”, “step-by-step” and “title” because I zoomed into the tennis racket when I was going to explain about how to hold it, I planned out what I was going to say and  do in that scene, I drew every important scene without missing any, and because I wrote a title in the very first clip.

This is my storyboard:

I think my tutorial would be good because I think it would be detailed and simple enough for the viewers to understand. I would also add links to other tutorials, tell the audience what they need to prepare when they want to learn from watching my tutorial, and for my introduction, I would tell them what I am going to teach them in the video. I will try to speak loudly and clearly so that the viewers would understand it easily and make sure that the video quality is good enough to see what I am doing in that scene.

I think I will need to learn how to show some notes or writing in my tutorial and find out what kind of music people would like to listen to and feel comfortable listening when playing my video. I think I would have some trouble creating the music because I would have to pretend that I am the viewer and try to pick what kind of music I would like to hear.

In conclusion, I think this unit is very interesting and fun to be working on because we get to teach other people what we want to teach them so that you would be able to have fun and make a good tutorial. I think this would also be a great opportunity because when you get older, you might be a teacher or you might have to teach other people at work and if you know what kind of things would make a good tutorial, you would be able to speak so that the audience would understand your speech really clearly. I really enjoyed this part of the unit and I am looking forward to creating my tutorial. 😀

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  1. Kim Cofino · April 17, 2013 at 6:43 am ·

    Fantastic work Saya! You really understand one of the most important things about this unit: planning helps you create the finished product more smoothly and easily! If you can remember that as you go through school (and life) you will save yourself so much time and energy! I can’t wait to see your tutorial!