My Technology Tutorial

In technology for the past few weeks, we have been working on how to make a good tutorial. My tutorial was about how to hit a tennis ball correctly and in my tutorial, I showed the different types of shots and the grips for every shot I mentioned. After we put all the recordings and music in our video, we improved little parts of our tutorial in class to make it better before we  published it to Youtube. The video that is embedded above is my tutorial so I hope you like it!

After we published our video on youtube and embedded it on our blogs, we went to the other grade 6 people’s blogs and then commented on their tutorial. When we commented on people’s blogs we included 3 things that we liked about it, 2 things that we learned from it and 1 thing that we thought that they needed to improve. I commented on Hana’s blog, Emma’s blog, Aisling’s blog and Susanna’s blog. Hana’s tutorial was how to draw a 5 layer flower, Emma’s tutorial was about how to draw Sponge bob, Aisling’s tutorial was about how to draw monsters and Susanna’s blog was how to spray paint.

I think my tutorial met the criteria Zoom. I think I met this criteria because I zoomed into the important part of the tennis racket and closely showed the main part of the scene. When I zoomed in, I also zoomed in very slowly to make it natural and to make the audience stay focused onto the griping area while I was talking about it. Another criteria that I think I met is In order because before I started on how to hit a tennis ball correctly, I showed how to hold a tennis racket properly. I think to teach how to hold a tennis racket first is a good idea to start a tennis related tutorial because the viewers might not have any experience with tennis at all and they might be holding the racket in a more complicated and hard way. I think I also met the criteria List of materials because at the beginning of my tutorial, I mentioned what you needed to have when you play tennis. I think listing the materials is a really important thing because while your watching the tutorial, it would be a waste of time for the viewer to get the things you need and stopping the video every time.

A new idea that I got about tutorials which also extended my thinking was from Emma’s tutorial. The idea was that she wrote down the steps of what she was going to do next on the screen. I think this idea is very good because if the viewer misunderstands what you are saying, they can just read the text to figure out what they were going to do next. Another new idea that I got was from Susanna’s tutorial. The idea was to put in writing which made you excited to do the activity. For example, writing “Are you Ready?” before you start is good because it makes the viewers want to try out the activity quickly.

The most challenging thing while making my tutorial was to block the background noise to make my voice stand out because it took me a long time making my voice sound right. Next time, I think I would want to film my video when there is not much wind blowing. I still wonder how people make their tutorials so that it flows because in some of the parts, it wasn’t that smooth.

I really enjoyed this part of the unit because I got to be creative and I also got to test how good I can make a tutorial. I also liked it because I got to make a tutorial from the planning. I am looking forward to the next unit. 😀

Here is a link to my tutorial feedback form. Please fill it out.


  1. Dominic · April 24, 2013 at 12:16 pm ·

    Hello Saya!
    I’m Dominic and I love playing tennis too! I’m not an awesome player, but i’m pretty good at it!:)
    Please visit my blog
    Thank you!

    • Saya · April 25, 2013 at 11:33 am ·

      Hi Dominic. Thanks for commenting! Its awesome that we both have the same things that we like. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
      (Your blog is awesome!)

  2. Totah · April 28, 2013 at 2:27 am ·

    Hey Saya,

    I like your topic a lot because I do tennis to. I thought your voice was clear and your steps were step by step. However you could improve your filming by using the same measure so it looks natural. Once again nice job.

  3. Hanna · April 28, 2013 at 5:21 am ·

    Hi saya 🙂 I liked your tutorial a lot ^_^ your voice was clear and I like how you showed more than one way to hit/grip the tennis ball/racket. I also liked how you were holding your dog in the end 🙂 I dont really play tennis so now I know how to hit and grip a tennis ball. This video was really good but maybe you should start the transition so a next step when your done speaking so you don’t get cut off 🙂 goo job!

  4. Hanna · April 28, 2013 at 5:23 am ·

    sorry~ I meant good* job and i don’t know how to edit the comment….

  5. Grace · April 28, 2013 at 10:37 am ·

    Hey Saya,
    I like you drew your own title, instead of using one of iMovie’s titles. I also liked how you showed how to hold the tennis racket before you showed how to hit a tennis ball and you used sub-headings. I learned how to grip the tennis racket correctly for each different move and how to hit the tennis ball whether it was to your right or left. To improve your tutorial, you could add subtitles when you were talking, so it would be clearer for the viewer. Nevertheless, you made one awesome tutorial!

  6. Hana · April 29, 2013 at 12:35 pm ·

    Hi saya 😀
    In this tutorial I learned how to grip the tennis racket properly as usually I just held it how I wanted and what was comfortable, but now I know what the proper way to hold it is. I think this tutorial is good because you spent a lot of time on it because you had to film it at the tennis court. I also thought it was a good tutorial because you could understand what you were saying, it included all the things you needed like materials and how to do the stuff. You also had a very colorful tutorial which I really like because colorful tutorial are more interesting and you don’t get bored by them. Something that you could improve on was when you were talking it sounded a bit stiff so maybe you could make it sound more like what you are saying is natural and you’re relaxing. Also maybe at the end of the tutorial you could have a little video of you playing tennis with someone else and the skills included so you could point them out and say when to use them.
    You did a really good job overall though 🙂

  7. Emma · April 30, 2013 at 3:02 am ·

    HI Saya,
    I really liked watching your tutorial.
    From this tutorial I have learned 2 ways to grip a tennis racket, and how to hit a ball correctly. I really liked the end where you were holding your dog and I thought that you made it really clear and your voice was clear.
    I was very amazed because I thought since you were outside there would be a lot of background noises but some how you made it so that all be could he was your voice.
    I think maybe you could have showed 1-2 mistakes that are common so we know how to fix them. But besides that your tutorial was really great and I enjoyed watching it very much.

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  9. Aisling · May 6, 2013 at 11:33 pm ·

    in your tutorial i like how you talk clearly and Slowly so the audience can understand everything you say, I love how you drew your title and the title was very COLORFUL <3
    In your tutorial there was not any background noises and it was just your voice in your video and it was really easy to understand.
    I think you could of improved your transitions because when you put your transitions your first parts sentence gets cut off. but anyway your tutorial is great!

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  15. Kim Cofino · May 20, 2013 at 1:05 am ·

    Fantastic work Saya! I am so impressed with how you were able to edit together so many clips and make your tutorial look so professional! It’s great to see the good ideas you got while watching other students tutorials too! I hope this inspires you to create even more tutorials!

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