Box and Whisker Diagram

In math, we are looking at quartiles and box and whisker diagrams. First we had to choose 2 different countries to look at the temperature and choose 3 months from the year. Then we made a whisker diagram from the data on GeoGebra. I looked…

Technology Evaluation

In technology, we have recently done a minecraft theme park project. Here is a short video of what the whole theme park looks like and what I have built in the theme park. (Criteria D Video) Significant concept: How we solve problems depends on the conditions…

English Fotobable

Here is a fotobable of my first impression of the book “the Garbage King”

Polygons Presentation

In math, we have been learning about polygons. In class, we learned which shapes can tile with each other. Then we had to make a presentation about which combinations work and why. Here is a link to my presentation in a pdf form: Polygon Presentation

Hanasaka Jiisan

In drama, we are doing a unit on puppetry. We had to choose a folk story, myth or legend from our own country and my nationality is Japan so I chose the japanese folk story “Hanasaka Jiisan”. Here is a link to the story :…