Gapminder project Part 1 : Brainstorming

In INS, we are currently looking at development in the different countries in the world. For this brainstorming project, I chose to look at Singapore and Italy because I was curious if there are any big differences in the categories.

From the results for Literacy rate, Life expectancy, GDP/capita it is visible that Singapore is a NIC. For popularity growth, I can see that Singapore is more developed than Italy because Italy’s popularity growth in percentages does not increase between the years 1970~2012 but Singapore’s popularity growth percentage moves from -1.5 ~ 5.3 %. Although there is a negative percentage, there is a fairly big increasing percentage so it is more developed than Italy. A result that was interesting was that for the Literacy rate and Life expectancy, Singapore and Italy were very close. This was interesting because the two countries are geographically not close at all and they still have similar results. So overall, in the results it is shown that Singapore has developed more than Italy because Italy was already quite developed from before.

The reason why there is such a big difference in the two countries is because Singapore is a smaller country that they have a less population than Italy and so once they earn a lot of money, the GDP/capita increases and because of the big amount of money, they get better education, more doctors and progress on many other factors that build up to creating a more developed country.


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  1. Vivien Heiderich · November 14, 2014 at 1:34 am ·

    I thought that this was a very detailed observation and it was clear that you understood what was going on. I liked that you said that even though they are not geographically close they still have many similarities.