Koto Practice 5:

Section 1:  Page 17, line 2 ~ Page 18, end of line 2


In this part, my aim was to play smoothly and to not forget to play the 2 measures after line 2 on page 17. Throughout this weeks practice, I think I was able to improve on this section a lot because once I practiced over and over again I got used to playing it and I was able to memorise it at the end. My next goal for this part is to work on the press. This is because sometimes, I let go of the string too quickly that you can here the sound of the string playing. In order to achieve this goal, I would need to practice letting go of the string after I feel like the sound is gone.

Section 2:  Page 18, line 3 ~ Page 19, measure 1 


In this section, I focused on page 18 line 3 measure 2 and page 19 measure 1. My aim for this section was to play smoothly and at the same tempo because in those two measures, there are parts where I have to play with my hands stretched out and so I would sometimes go a little bit slower and take time to get to the strings. I think I was kind of able to achieve this goal because I was able to play smoothly but I might have played a little faster than I have to on the last two notes. My goal for this section is to play at the exact right speed. In order to do this, I will use a metronome.