Koto Practice 6:

Page 11, measure 2 ~ line 2 measure 4 


In this section, I tried to move into the part where I use my left hand smoothly. This was my goal for this section because there is no rest in between so I need to move quickly onto the strings 七為. Another reason I practiced this part is because the last note of measure 3 uses 三, and the first note on measure 4 also uses 三 so I would need to get my hands ready in order to play smoothly. Although it is still not perfect, I think I was able to achieve this goal because I moved straight into the next part as soon as possible. My next goal for this part is to play correct consistently. In order to achieve this goal, I would need to practice more.

Today I was also able to memorise the whole piece so all I need to improve on is to always play the right notes correctly. From what I heard in the recording of us playing the entire piece, I thought that part 2 (my group’s part) had bits where we played really quietly that we couldn’t hear our part when we were not suppose to play quietly. Also, I think we need to listen to each others part more since in some parts, we were playing separately and it sounded like there were 5 parts more than 3.