Text for Change : Poem vs. Ads

This unit we are learning about pathos and persuasive techniques. For our project, we made a screen cast about how language can change emotions and we compared a poem and ad to do a comparison and contrast. Here is the screen cast :

Yume no Wa Performance Reflection :)

Last week on the 10th of December, we had a Winter koto concert and we (8th grade) performed a piece called “Yume no Wa” by Sawai Hikaru. We have practiced this piece for around 3 months and I really enjoyed learning and practicing this piece….

We Could Find Life on Another Planet. Do We Have the Will?

Radiation – the process in which energy is released as particles or waves. Microbes – a microorganism that is able to produce diseases. Interplanetary – to move between planets. This article is based on how we might be able to live on Europa, which is…

Koto Practice 7: Final

Page 7, line 3, 2nd measure ~ Page 8, line 2, measure 1  I have have already taken a video of this part of the piece in my previous video but I chose to play it again because before, the tempo was very slow but…