Reflection: persuasive speeches

8B Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

On the last week before spring break, we presented our persuasive speeches in drama class. My topic was anti drugs. I chose this because it was something that I wanted teenagers to be aware of. The video above is my speech.

Modulation: I think that my voice was clear and projected with good volume during the speech but, I could improve more on the pauses, emphasis and the inflections. For the pauses, I sometimes paused at parts where I didn’t have to just because I had to check my palm cards and so I could improve that by practicing more and memorizing my whole speech. For the emphasis, I could have raised my volume on the “182,000” and the “just like us” part at the end. This is because those parts include shocking and relatable facts. Finally, I could have improved my inflections by thinking of mood and how it could move the audience’s feelings.

Physicality: My posture was very straight and open and my facial expressions was neutral and gave a serious impression but I think that the gesture and the use of palm cards was something to improve on. For my gestures, I thought I moved my arms around too much and I had no hand gestures so, I should express my feelings with my hands instead of my arms. For my physicality in the use of palm cards, I sometimes looked at them when I knew exactly what to say just because I was nervous so next time, I should try to relax more.

Content: I think the structure for my speech was good especially because I had a hook or attention seeking quotes at the start and the end but I could improve on the persuasive language because most of my words were very calm and not very appealing to the audience.

My best skill was projecting and keeping my voice clear which allowed people to comprehend my speech easily. My posture and facial expressions also helped persuade the audience because the straight posture and serious face showed how my topic was a serious problem in the modern world. Finally, my hook at the start and the question at the end of my speech was also effective because it firstly, caught the audiences attention and the question left the audience with something to think about.

I should especially improve on the emphasis because that makes the speech more interesting and attention seeking. I should also make sure to not move my arms as much since it might distract the audience from the main discussion. Another thing that I can improve is the purr and snarl words. I didn’t really focus on using the purr and snarl words in my speech so that is something to think about for my next speech.

Lisa’s persuasive speech:

8B Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another students speech which was captivating was Lisa’s speech. Her topic was that young people should smile and be more happy. I think her speech was very persuasive and appealing because she had a very steady tone and pace. It was also very effective because she used a lot of purr words which gave a good impression.