GCD Leadership – What leadership means to me

I have been a part of Dragon Council since eighth grade and learned how to scorekeep for volleyball and basketball games. Since I have been practicing for so long, now I am very confident with it and so it has become my turn to teach the younger members in the council. This is very crucial since there will be no games unless there is a scorekeeper for the years after I graduate. My years of experience allowed me to get to the position of being president this year. Last year I was the vice-president, so this transition was very easy as I had prior knowledge of what my role should be as a president. To me, a president is someone who should value everyone’s inputs and stay organized in order for each and every member to be a part of the tasks and events we have to prepare for. I have demonstrated leadership skills by always making sure to accomplish these aspects.

One of the main skills that is practiced by the council members is scoring as mentioned earlier. In both season one and two, there are high school and middle school teams playing volleyball and basketball. Basketball is one of the most stressful and challenging games to scorekeep, since there are team fouls, player fouls, and a time limit to each quarter. Prior to the season, I prepare a scorekeeping sign up where the council members are able to sign up and scorekeep whenever they are able to. During this process, I always make sure that most of the people who are not playing a sport during the season can practice scorekeeping. Even if the member is new to dragon council and scorekeeping, I make sure to teach how to use the scorekeeping book and machine during our meetings, along with providing an online scorekeeping guideline for them to review anytime. Once they are somewhat confident in how to scorekeep, I try to have them practice by scorekeeping middle school games since the pace is usually slower compared to the high school teams. I also make sure to have an experienced scorekeeper beside them just in case they have any questions or have trouble with the process. So far, this has worked very well and there are many more members compared to last year who are able to scorekeep. I understand how stressful and time consuming being able to master scorekeeping is so I make sure to stay open to any questions any time.

Another way I have demonstrated leadership is by making sure to listen to everyone’s input during the meetings. Especially when we are planning for events, I open the discussion to the whole council in order to have as many ideas as possible. For example, Dragon council is in charge of hosting a mini event during lunchtime on wellness day during spirit week. During the meeting, I made sure to collect as many ideas as possible for what activity we can host. Once all the ideas were collected, I used the voting system to make the final decision. Even though there are many members in the council, this has always worked well since all of the council members participate and show respect towards me which I am very thankful of. Without the supportive and dedicated members, I would not be able to organize any of the large events such as the WJAA and AISA tournaments, so it is important to me that they feel included in the process.

Through these actions, I have demonstrated leadership skills. Organizing a large group such as dragon council will help me in the future in any similar situations that come my way. In the past two years, I have had much practices with my leadership skills since I am also the leader of the Sanagitachi service group. Through leading these groups, I have learned that no matter what you are a leader of, the main roles and responsibilities are the same and can be applied in any community.

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  1. Mark Redlich · January 12, 2019 at 10:49 pm ·

    This advanced element for your GCD is approved Saya. Nice to see you mention that the leadership skills you learned in one activity are transferable to other activities as well.

    Mr Redlich