GCD Wellness – Using athletics and organisation to maintain physical and emotional wellness

I have kept my physical and emotional wellbeing by joining extracurricular sports activities and keeping myself organized.

Throughout my high school years, I have always maintained a healthy level of physical activity. I have played volleyball at a varsity level since freshman year and varsity field hockey since sophomore year. Playing at a varsity level keeps the competitiveness high, hence is physically challenging to me. These activities run three times a week and occasionally four when we have games on the weekend. Also, volleyball and field hockey utilizes different skill sets which trains different parts of the body. Volleyball is a very technical sport, and our practices tend to focus more on practicing technique rather than physical training. However, setting, digging, hitting and serving all would benefit from increasing strength in the arms and hamstrings. Strengthening arm muscles will help hit the ball stronger so it hits down on the floor quicker, and working on hamstrings will help increase your reach. Therefore, having a higher contact point with the ball can be a very beneficial factor when playing. Since I am one of the shortest players in the team, it was very important for me to train these muscles in order to have a similar or higher reach than the taller members of the team. Field hockey, on the other hand, requires stamina as we are constantly running across a field that is as long as a soccer field. These two sports help me keep my physical balance as they exercise different areas of my body hence, engages with my physical wellness.

I have always struggled to prioritize my emotional wellbeing since I like to and think that I should prioritize my work. Although, this has not affected me heavily since I have a cheerful personality, keeping a planner and organizing my schedule helps me maintain my emotional wellbeing. In my planner, I like to set time limits for working on different assignments and decorate the page in order to motivate me to stick with the schedule. Using a planner helps me stay organized and aware of the tasks I have to get done. It also declutters my mind from all the stress and tasks that I have to be working on all at once. In my planner, I also make sure to include plans to take a break from work. This is very important for me to do, otherwise, I would continue to work and my productivity will decrease since my brain would be worn out.

For these reasons, participating in sports activities helps me maintain my physical wellbeing, and keeping a planner helps my emotional wellbeing. A continuous goal for me will be to reach a balanced life between work, hobbies and exercising and I believe this will lead me to the person I want to become.

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    Saya, This post meets the criteria for this GCD element.