Grade 6 Showcase Portfolio

My Goals:


I have a few goals that I want to accomplish. My first goal of the year was to learn how to snowboard. Achieving this goal is important to me because every single year, my family and I go skiing and I always see a lot of snowboarders going down the mountain really quickly and I’v always wanted to try something that looks fun and be a risk-taker when trying it. The things that I will do to complete this goal are:

1. Do some training for my legs

2. Go to classes

3. Do some balance training (for example: use a balance ball)

My second goal that I had was to go to France in the future. This goal is important to me because I can listen to the pronunciation and get better at french. This goal is also important because my fathers aunt is living in France and to go visit her, I need to be able to speak french. Right now at school,  I am learning french but we are still learning the names of the objects and the greetings and how to create a short conversation so I can’t wait until we get to speak professionally. These are the steps that I will go through to achieve my goal:
                 1. Reviewing and looking through my notes so that I can be able to spell and say it correctly
                  2. Try to skype my fathers aunt.
My third goal is to be able to continue a long rally in tennis. This goal is important for me because my passion is tennis and I want to make sure that I keep on improving as I take my lessons. Another reason why this goal is important is because a friend of mine which I knew since I was a baby also does tennis and he is going to move to Singapore in August so I want to play tennis with him and have a good memory. These are the things that I am going to do:
                1. Stay focused and do my best during my lessons
                2. Make some goals to help me go step-by-step

My Favorite Piece of Work: 


French:  L’école et moi (French oral presentation)

I am proud of what I did for this piece of work because I got an 8 out of 8 for my grades. This grade made me think that I want to learn more french and it also gave me a little of bit of confidence. I am looking forward to learning more vocabularies and phrases.


Technology: My Tutorial (How to hit a tennis ball correctly)

In technology class, we made a tutorial and it was really fun for me because it was my first time making one. I made a tutorial about tennis and when we were making our tutorials, we made a storyboard, a timeline plan and we also made a tutorial research document to learn what to do to make a good tutorial. Here is my tutorial:

Here is a link to my official post of my tutorial.


English: Greek Myths Presentation

In this unit we learned about the different types of gods and at the end we made a presentation that we had to speak from a god or a kings perspective. I chose King Midas as my character and I talked about how he would feel like. I am also proud of what I did because I got a good grade.


Japanese Music: Tsuchi Ningyou

In Koto class, we were practicing a japanese song called Tsuchi Ningyou for our concert. On the concert day, everyone was able to play the music without stopping so it was really fun. I am looking forward to playing a harder song next year and improving on my koto skills.