Grade 7 Showcase Portfolio

This semester I have learned and improved on many things. The things that we studied helped me improved on the learner profiles which are thinker, risk-taker, balanced, inquirers, knowledgable, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring and reflective. Although I learned many things for all of them, I think I most improved on being open-minded, an inquirer, a communicator and reflective. One of the learner profiles that I need to improve is knowledgable.


In science, our first unit was about Loramites which is a rock that contains iron, salt and rock. In this project, our aim was to find the percentage of how much rock and salt there were in the Loramite. To complete this project, we used the technique magnetism. I was in a group with Eileen, Kanna, Ayana and Sara. I chose this project for being open-minded because it was a group project and I tried to listen and give ideas.  Before, I used to be more shy and only listen to people’s ideas but from this project, I learned how to also give suggestions and ideas by listening to other people. We took the most time to do the method because we had to gather our ideas and make sure that we were not missing any steps.

Link to the Loramite document:


In English class, we did a unit about South Africa and I researched about Nelson Mandela. We had to write a newsletter for this project. I chose this piece of work for being a inquirer because when we were improving our draft, I asked my teacher about what I can do to make it better and also about how I could improve my research questions. From this unit I learned about how sad and horrible it was to be in part of the apartheid and how bad the blacks lives were back then. This unit made me want to know about what is happening in the world more.

Link to Article Document (bad quality pictures):

Link to my article plan:

In french class, we learned how to response to a letter by using the vocabularies that we learned so far. In this assessment the situation was that Lucien, a french student writes a letter to us and we have to write him back. I was a inquirer because I asked my teachers whenever I needed help understanding the rules of the conjugations and making sure that my paragraph makes sense.

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In PE, our first unit was about invasion games and our second unit was about international football. In both of the units we had some coaching time and had to communicate about what we did well and what we can do next. I chose this as being a communicator because I tried to give some ideas in class and give suggestions to people who needed help with something.

Link to PE invasion games document:

In drama our last unit was about informative speaking. In class we had to make a informative speech about fashion, holiday, If I were famous or the most awesome day of my life. I chose to do my speech on the topic holiday. In my speech I talked about the history of christmas and how it is celebrated in many countries. I was a communicator because for the speech we had to stand in front of the whole class and speak in a clear and loud voice so that the audience can understand what we are saying.

7C Drama: Informative Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


On December 5th 2013, we had a koto concert at a hall near Minatomirai and played the songs Akatombo, Yuhi and Yurikago no Uta. These are all japanese songs and it was very fun to play them at the concert because we all worked so hard on it and it felt really good. After the concert, we all had to look back at our performances and write a reflection. I think I was reflective because I wrote about what I did well as an individual and how we did as a group. I also reflected on how we could improve and what we need to do to make that happen.

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Our first unit for technology was about digital storytelling. In this unit we made a storytelling video about anything that we want. My topic was about a fight that I had with my brother and I decided to handwrite every single picture or drawing because I like drawing and I thought it would be interesting if I made a video with just pictures and your voice with some music and sound effects. After we finished our video, we had to evaluate on the whole process of making the video. I was reflective because I wrote a lot of detail in each of the cycle parts. I was also reflective because I wrote down what I did well, what I can improve on and answered the unit question to see what I really learned from this unit. 

Evaluation document:

Digital storytelling video:

In art, we are doing a unit on line drawing. So far we have looked at Van Gogh, Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt’s work and have been trying to copy them, compare them with each other and trying out the different line techniques. When we first looked at Van Gogh’s line drawing and copied it, we had to reflect on what kind of line techniques he used to create the texture, tone, shadow, etc… I was reflective because I described the thickness of the lines, the length of the lines, the shape of the lines and more.

(Picture of artwork later)


In japanese, every friday, my class has a kanji test. I am knowledgable because almost every time I take the test I get full marks.

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In math, our unit is about percentages and one time our homework was to do the questions on the textbook  and it was about converting fractions with percentages. I was knowledgable because I knew how to use the cross multiplication method and I had no trouble solving this problem.

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In humanities, our first unit was about empires and we were divided into pairs of 2. I was with Aiden and our topic was to find the relationship between France and Vietnam. Because we needed to do a lot of research and didn’t have much time to do it other that in class, we were quite late for handing in the final video. I think being knowledgable would help because if you know something about the France and  Vietnam relationship, you would only have to do a little bit of research and if you do it quickly, you would be able to hand it in on on time. So that is why I want to be more knowledgable

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My Goals for next semester:

My goal for next semester is to stay focused on my homework and try to get it done quickly so that I can get more sleep because lately I have been kind of tired at school.