Grade 8 Showcase Portfolio

Communication skills: Communication 

Drama: Recently in Drama, we worked on our persuasive speeches and we performed them in class. I communicated by using rhetorical questions but I could improve this skill by thinking of the purr and snarl words and using them effectively.

Drama speech reflection

Tutor: During tutor, we have discussed about self management and getting out of our comfort zone as a class. I could improve my communication skills by sharing more of my opinion aggressively.

Social skills: Collaboration 

PE: Lisa, Henri, Ethan and I created a striking and fielding game by using our knowledge on cricket and baseball. During the process, we demonstrated the skill of collaboration by sharing ideas and cooperating with each other.

This are the specifications for the game we created:

Photo on 4-14-15 at 10.10 PM











Japanese Music (Koto): Ayaka, Asuka and I created a pop song with the koto, drums and bass koto. We demonstrated this skill by creating a shared document and writing down all of our ideas. We also wrote what we needed to do for homework after each lesson and this helped us to finish the pop song on time.

Koto pop song document 

French: Lisa and I created a video about a conversation between two people discussing about their weekends. We collaborated by dividing the work equally and meeting up in our spare time.

Self-management skills: Reflection 

Science: In science, we learned about motions and did a stopping distance experiment. At the end of the experiment, we all reflected on how the experiment went and how we could improve it.


Japanese: Last semester, we read a story called 少年の日の思い出 which was about the relationship between two kids who loved to collect butterfly samples. After we read the story, we reflected on the storyline, the techniques, personalities and the thoughts of the 2 kids. This reflection helped us understand the story in depth and also helped us think from different perspectives.


Research skills: Media literacy

Ins: In individuals and societies, we researched on the history of Yokohama and the foreign influences. In the first part of this project, we researched on the history and influence of Yokohama with an emphasis on the Bluff, Motomachi and Chinatown.  Here, I was able to learn the importance of using trustful sites because I needed the correct information.

Yokohama document (Part 1)

Design: Our first project in design was to create an advertisement directed to young people. My topic was anti-drugs and my aim was to make young people more aware about the risks of taking drugs. I used sources from the media to collect information that helped make my advertisement more persuasive. One of the things I did was collecting data from an official anti-drugs community website to get the facts.

Anti-drugs final work 


Thinking skills: Critical thinking 

Math: During math class, my teacher gives us challenge questions and these help me demonstrate this skill because I need to think of how I would solve the questions.

Photo on 4-14-15 at 10.51 PM









Art: Our first unit in art was to create a ceramic piece. At the start of the unit, we learned about why handmade objects are important and how it is different to objects made in factories. I demonstrated this skill by using examples to support my statements.

Photo on 4-14-15 at 10.52 PM #2







English: Recently in english, we have studied on perspectives and first person narratives. We read a narrative about a boy who was getting abused by his step-father. We used critical thinking by answering questions about how the techniques make the narrative more effective. We also used critical thinking afterwards by applying the techniques to our own perspective writing, which was our main assessment.

Photo on 4-15-15 at 8.20 AM