3 things I’m most proud of in Spanish this unit

What are you most proud of? Have you improved your speaking fluency and confidence? Expanded your vocabulary? Finally mastered a verb tense? Completed all your assignments to a high quality? Developed better study/learning habits? Write your proudest accomplishments in a blog post and post the link on class blog.

The first thing that I’m proud of is how much I improved in using and memorising the verb tenses. There was a lot of complicated rules and stems to remember, which took me a long time to study/revise and master everything. I’ve been taking pictures of the board (mostly new vocabularies/tenses) that Ms.Hill writes down and took quick notes on the notebook so that I can then revise at home as personal homework. I can tell that average of my grades are slowly but increasing, and as long as it’s not increasing, I know that I’m doing a good job, because the level of assignments/tasks are increasing, so if the average of my grade is either maintaining or increasing, that proves that I’m working hard to improve.

Also, I’ve improved on criteria B: Comprehending written and visual text. I’m doing a better job using different (and new) transitions/vocabularies and using proper grammar in the writing. Since my vocabulary expanded, I can write/reflect closer like a native speaker than before,  and I can talk about more things in details because I know the words for it. I always come in an hour or two hours before tutor so that I can read some printed work that Ms.Hill has given to us students. I know that I’ve read it in class, but reading it again, with enough time is how I’ve improved on my writing. (understanding the text and answering them/strand 2&3 questions)

Lastly, I can understand advanced level questions and answer them properly. Before, I used to never get what people were asking me. (especially when we stood up and had to walk around the class to ask and answer people) However, I can now think of various kinds of questions in my mind instantly. (but I still sometimes rely on my notebook and the notes I took) Something I’m proud of is that I understand the questions so I can have a proper conversation. I want to be able to do that without having a notebook in my hand, because I sometimes flip pages to look for the definition of a few words, but I want to be able to have a natural conversation in the end of freshmen year.

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  1. Sra. Hill · December 15, 2015 at 8:00 am ·

    You really have been making great improvements, Lea. Keep working hard and you will get there.