Lea PSHE GCD Reflection

PSHE class overall has helped me develop I have learned many valuable things which positively affected my life outside of school from PSHE classes. Through the previous education earned from this class, I have gained a deeper understanding of “health”, not only physical but how to maintain or incorporate social and mental health in my life. It seems clear to me that from knowledge gained from PSHE, I am getting better at balancing my social and academics life, as well as maintaining healthy relationships with my family and friends. Before learning about social wellness, I had difficulties avoiding small arguments daily because I was not wise enough to understand that some things said from my mouth were unnecessary.

Learning about sex and romantic relationships helped me find similarities about social and mental health. At first, I did not think that I would gain much from Sex Education because myself as a high school student is devoted to school life and never found sexual pleasures nor thought of wanting to have an intimate and physical relationship with someone else. Sex education has helped me learn a lot not only about sex and major sexually transmitted diseases but also about how sex affects one’s mental state of being. I have always been interested in making progress in my learning on topics like teen pregnancy and items in which prevents pregnancy.

Personal life experiences and choices which Mr.Pitter shared of himself in previous years has provided me a better understanding of the variety of choices an individual can make and all be successful at the end of the day regardless of people having a different definition of a “successful life”.  This Big Life Seminar was an opportunity for me to learn about how it is completely fine to not stick to one major in university nor not having a concrete idea of future careers/plans. After this seminar, I was able to demonstrate reflection skills since I was capable of reflecting on my past achievements and brainstorm my personal interests in order to find few majors which may interest me. After hearing his story in the seminar, I felt very relieved that I was not the only one who is stuck and is currently unsure of which career to pursue nor which college majors to take in the future.