GCD Self Tracker

The Global Citizen Diploma

2017+ Diploma Progress Self-Tracker

Intro – to physical, emotional social (wellness understanding)

*Remember that one learning experience can be counted towards two elements of the GCD What experiences have you had to / do you want to have in the next 3 years, that meet the GCD criteria? Have you posted and invited a reviewer? Has your post been approved?
Core Values

(Certificate requires all but Academics; Diploma & Diploma with Distinction requires all)

Academics (Graduation) N/A N/A
Community Engagement Animal Relief Club
Global Understanding
Inter-Cultural Communication

(Certificate requires 1 Competency/Expertise; Diploma requires 6 Competencies/Expertise; Distinction requires 5/6 Competencies)

Academic Skills
Artistic Expression Dance Performances (in every single ecent hosted within the school)

Drama Performances

Management Leading Dance Company
Personal Goal
Public Communication
Wilderness Engagement Niigata Expeditions
Work Experience Babysitting
Areas of Expertise

(Certificate requires 0; Diploma requires 0; Distinction requires 3/4)

Advanced Academics
Leadership Leading the Theatre Department (Choreographer)

Leading Dance Company (Captain)

Leader/Founder of the new service group (still unofficial)

Captain JV Basketball  

Multilingualism Spanish B
Personal Accomplishment Made a school promotional video (YIS Lip Dub)



CORE (3)

New service group Animal relief club


Spanish class – salsa

I have successfully demonstrated intercultural communication through my enrollment in Salsa Dance offered in YIS. Every Thursday mornings, I experienced dancing and expressing my feelings through advanced movements along with traditional Latin dance music. From two years of sessions, I finally became a knowledgeable student and a salsa dancer as I learned how to utilize my physicality uniquely and also to trust my dance partner, regardless of the difficulty of the move. During morning sessions, I was an enthusiastic, motivated student who demonstrated full energy and eagerness to not only show gratitude to the teacher (Mr.Mejia), but to also learn efficiently and quickly. In terms of interacting with the other members enrolled in the club, I demonstrated open-mindedness and collaborative skills to interact with others to form friendly bonds. This experience has shaped me to become this person capable of communicating thoroughly with others by sharing a common hobby. (salsa dance) Learning salsa routines and the original concept/beauty of Spanish music has influenced me to appreciate such traditions since music with long history tend to have strong links with the culture and history of the nation/region/country where the music has originated from.



Dance performances

Through countless amount of dance performances I’ve contributed since freshman year, I have demonstrated full commitment and sustained great participation in almost all school performances which was held within the school. Since the first year of highschool, I have showed great passion pursuit in performing arts, especially hip hop dancing and immensely improved as a performer which also lead to a boost in self-confidence and overcome stage frights, and I know that this experience of enrolling in Dance Company for years has tremendously helped me to gain my self-confidence, more than enough to perform in front of the entire crowd of high school community. Throughout the years of performing and improving weekly by mastering numerous numbers of advanced skills/techniques also was one of the major factors which helped me develop as an artist who has many messages wishing to share to the community through movement of dance.