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So the last time I made a blog post was a very, very long time. The reason for this is because I forgot my password, I know pretty weird. I made a new channel and I am hoping if you guys can subscribe to it. Thanks 😀 <3

FINAL Elevator Scene

This is the final video of our groups elevator scene.I did quite well because my character was understandable in many ways such as asking what floor they need to go to, my hat and suit and my walkie talkie calling for help and asking them to call the ambulance. I think our group did well because it was very understandable what happened and how we got out because it was very realistic. I think that the scene went well because it shows all of us reacting when the elevator stopped and everything else. I think we as a group could improve on interacting more and trying more to get out of the elevator because we were just doing regular things and waited for someone to get us out. At the end when we escape it was also odd that me and oliver (guy with hoodie) stay inside the elevator that just stopped working so we could of did something else like go into another elevator. Overall I think that we as a a group did well.

Drama Elevator Scene

Elevator #2 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Hi guys so this is my groups elevator scene and each person was suppose to establish their own character. In the video above I hope it clearly explains who is who. If you don’t I am a camera man who takes care of all cameras. Oliver is a Russian man who works for Russia, Kent is a late business man and Hana is a drug addict. The scene was suppose to help explain what our character is our personality, status, motivation etc. I think I did quite well because my character was understandable in many ways such as calling a man who works for the cameras, checking the Russian guy having the keys to the elevator to get out. I think I did well overall but I over did my character by acting like a police on Oliver. I think that the scene went well because it shows all of us reacting when the elevator stopped and everything else. I think the we as a group could improve on playing the game at the end because it was unrealistic that it will happen when an elevator stops working. I think I can improve on sticking with my character and not overreacting a lot.

Country Development Austria and India

For Individual and Societies we are now on our second unit about countries and their developments. I will be writing about two countries one more develop country (MDC) and less develop country (LDC). The MDC country I will be explaining about is Austria and the LDC country is India. I will compare these countries with 9 indicators.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.20.03 PM

The First indicator is Birth Rate. In 2012 Austria had 74 510 births and India had 24 980 091 births. If we go back 6o years into the past Austria in 1953 (Gapminder does not have 1952 in this indicator) had 103 121 births and India had 16 445 947 births. When time progresses Austria started to increase birth rate in 1965 but then started to reduce in 1972 and even more in 1990 Austria reduced their birth rate a lot and never increased. India is the exact opposite, India increased their birth rate by 1 000 000 every ten years going up the graph to the right. India has the most birth rates in the world. To compare Austria and India the birth rate is very different because Austria has a low birth rate while India has an enormous rate of birth rate.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.29.29 PMThe second indicator is Infant Mortality Rate. In 2012 Austria had 3.3 while India had 44. In 1952 Austria had 52 deaths and India had 179 deaths. After the years gone by Infant Mortality reduced. The big reduce of India happened where the bend occurred in the middle of India which is year 1982 where 108 babies died. In year 1911 infant mortality increased a bit but then reduced again. Austria increased infant mortality for around 10 years until it was reduced. It shows that India and Austria had similar paths but in different years.



Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.29.36 AMThe Third Indicator is Life Expectancy male, Life expectancy is the average age that a male will live. In 2013 Austria had a Life expectancy of 79 years of age while India had 65 years of age. 50 years ago males in Austria live up to 66 years of age and the males in India lived up to 45 years of age. In 1963-2013 life expectancy in both countries has increased by around 20 years. India and Austria both increased up the graph which shows that the life expectancy of males increased.


The Fourth Indicator is Literacy rate, literacy rate is the number of people that can read and write. The literacy rate I will be measuring is the amount of people that can read and write by the age of 15-24. On gap minder Austria was not available, India had a literacy rate of 81%. So this means that 81% of the people in the ages of 15-24 can read and write. I did outside research on Austria and is said that the Literacy rate of Austria of the age 15-24 is 98%. These years are both in 2006.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.56.39 AM

The Fifth Indicator is GDP per Capita per person. GDP per capita is the amount of money that a person will receive every year. In 2011 Austria had 27 266$ while India had 838$ this shows that Austria receives more money than India. 50 years ago Austria and India received a lot less. In 1961 Austria received 7803$ while India received 181$. Austria has more money than india because Austria has a bigger cities while India has small cities.



Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.05.03 AMThe sixth indicator is Population Growth. Population Growth is the amount of people the country has every year. In 2013 Austria had a population of 8 million people while India has a HUGE population of 1 BILLION. In 1963 Austria had a population of 7 million while India had 456 million people. There is a big difference between these two countries. India has a lot of people and is not that rich and do not receive lots while Austria has not a lot of people but has a very good GDP per capita.


Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.17.18 AMThe seventh indicator is Fertility rate. The .Fertility rate is the amount of babies a woman in her life expectancy can hold. Austria’s Fertility rate is not that high the number is 1.5. India’s Fertility rate is 2.5. Austria and India does not have a big difference India only has one extra than Austria. Throughout time Austria had more babies. In 1962 Austria had 2.8 Fertility rate and India had 5.8 Fertility rate. The fertility rate of both countries reduced over time.


Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.27.07 AMThe eight indicator is Human Development Index (HDI), HDI is if the country has developed with economics, technology everything. In the year of 2011 Austria has a HDI of 0.885 which is very good for a country that is not that famous. India has a HDI of 0.541 which is still good but can maybe do better. In 1980 Austria had 0.74 which was good during those times while India had 0.344 which was okay during that time I guess. As time progressed the countries increased their HDI. Austria and India have gaps in between each other.

In conclusion the overall development of the countries are good but comparing them together I think that Austria did better because of the GDP per Capita, Life expectancy, HDI etc. had some big gaps in between the two countries. Which also shows that Austria is a more developed country than India. I was expecting this because I have been to both countries and seen both and I think that the graph is true. I believe that when time progresses both countries will progress but Austria will have a gap in between.

This Dark Endeavor Book Review

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 5.55.11 PMA doctor who created a monster and made it live, we meet Victor and Konrad who are twin Frankenstein brothers! While growing up the boys live their lives with endless imaginary adventures. Then their adventures turn all too real. That is the day they find a Dark Library deep under the house with their cousin Elizabeth and friend Henry. Their father forbids that they never enter the library again, but that only makes Victor more curious than ever. One day Konrad gets very sick, the Frankenstein family calls in doctors to help but nothing happens,Victor isn’t satisfied with the doctors his parents have called in to help. He knows that the secret to Konrad’s recovery is somewhere in his father’s library an ancient formula that might be a rumor. This book is This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein by Kenneth Oppel. The theme is helping people can be the end of their lives.

First of all, I would like to tell you about the differences of the Frankenstein twins. Victor is very curious, nice loving but not much and always wants to help people. Konrad is very romantic, nice but weak. The author established the characters very differently which I like. In the book Konrad is not explained quite a lot but you can tell by his illness and in the beginning of the book. When Konrad gets ill you do not know that Victor wants to help people but when he finds out you can tell immediately that he wants to help. He goes back to the library that he is not allowed to go in and always finds a way to gain control over his friends to help him save Konrad. At the end Victor gets what he is looking for but there is a big problem later on because Victor keeps on trying to help Konrad.

Second point is that the story that the author used to help Konrad makes it way too complicated it made the story a bit out of control. The reason why I said that is because in order to save Konrad you need ingredients, to get the ingredients was the problem. The Ingredients were in all sorts of places, under water and in the city. The author then made it a lot worse when you need to make the medicine was just out of control. I think that the author tried to make it sound interesting it was interesting I will be honest but he made it complicated. At the end going back to house to save Konrad was another problem just way too much action. ALERT sort of spoiler, Konrad drinks the medicine that Victor, Elizabeth and Henry spent forever on making and receiving the ingredients was all for nothing. Victor wanted to help his brother since they day he got sick tried to help but instead caused Konrad to get worse.

Last point is the lynx in the book, the lynx symbolises hope in the book, in the book the lynx is described to be the pet of the only one who can put all ingredients together to make the medicine. The lynx always looks inside the eyes of Victor showing a little spark in its eye. At the end of the book when Victor cannot make the medicine because the doctor who knows how to make it dies, the Lynx tries to do something but keeps failing but on its 10th try it finally made it to its destination. Victor saw the lynx climbing up every time and failing and Victor reflected on himself failing so he never gave up until the medicine was made. Victor then realises that he need to sacrifice himself for the life of his brother by removing one of his bones to complete the medicine, but at the end Konrad gets worse because of Victors help. This is related to the theme again because Victor kept trying to help the one he loved but failed and Konrad may die.

In conclusion I think the book is great overall and I love what the author did in general he made the book very interesting and I will recommend reading this book even though I spoiled it a bit. If I had to rate it out of 10 I would give it a 9/10 because as I said in point two the author made the book a bit complicated which was not that good which made me confused. Overall I really enjoyed this book and hope you people will enjoy it too.


Mise en Train 8

Tu as compris?

1. Its morning.
2. Madame Diomandé wants Djeneba to get the groceries so she can make lunch.
3. Djeneba buys peanut paste, onions, tomatoes, lemons, butter, rice, bread and fish.
4. Someone knocks at the door at the end of the video
5. I think that Djeneba forgot to tell her mom she invited someone to the house

Vrai ou faux?

1. Faux.
2. Vrai.
3. Faux.
4. Faux.
5. Faux.

Choisis la photo


C’est qui?

1. Aminata
2. Mme Diomandé
3. Djeneba
4. Djeneba
5. Mme Diomandé

Cherche les expressions

“Encore du pain?”
“Non, merci. Je n’ai plus faim.”
“Tu me fais le marchĂ©?”
“Il me faut
“Bon, d’accord.”

Et maintenant, Ă  toi
Ma mĂšre fait les courses. Elle magasins dans les maisons et Cosco






Field Studies Grade 8

Grade 8 Field studies was great, I had Dannyboy, Oli, time(<—thats a name) and Marky Parky (Me). Grade 8 Field studies was at Minakami (Japan) and it looked great, the place we stayed was called Canyons. The one thing EVERYONE hated was that the boy dorms and girl dorms were seperated. The girls dorm had nothing while the boy dorm had the canteen and the Pool table (Billiard) and Football table. WARNING the names are made up to protect the original person identity. (its easy to know what their real name is)

The activities that we did was Rafting, Canyoning, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing and Geo Cashing (GPS). On the first day we were split up into groups and our group was called H20 it is said like “Htwooh” not “Htwenty” we stayed in these groups the whole time during field studies.

On the second day our group did Canyoning, and for all you people who have not done canyoning it was a Awesome experience but at the same time bad. 1. THE WET SUITS TOOK 30 mins TO PUT ON worst experience ever. 2. WATER IS FREEZING that all. After canyoning we had lunch. After we did rafting going down streams with big boats and yea, our group had no problems. (There was) 1. Our group just sucked in rafting 2. we got stuck in a pile of rocks and a wave of tsunami kept hitting us nonstop. 3. SOMEONE not mentioning names cough* cough* Dannyboy puts 1 inch of his paddle in the water and does not paddle. Then we had to go through taking of the wet suits which felt AMAZING.

On the third day our group went Canoeing luckily there was no wet suits needed, it was raining on the day, plus it was cold so thats not good what was even worse me and my canoeing partner had to save two noobs who fell in the water which was Kazzy and Bigboy Erik, and then my finger were literally frozen I could not move them. After that our group went mountain biking which  was AWESOME besides from people falling of the mountain and injuring my thing.

On the fourth day we went rock climbing, honestly my arms were so PAINFUL we learnt rope techniques, climbing and propelling down however you call it. Then we went Geo cashing it was really fun honestly we had GPS and we had to find stuff like boxes spread out Minakami (its a big place) we had 3 hours, and believe it or not my group and another group found abandon SNOWBOARDS! WHICH WAS EPIC, two only, Oli and Gark got to keep them and one of my partner Tots pretended he was in the US Army or Rangers for the whole time and believe it or not he started singing the Army Rangers theme song.

On the last day we had a bus ride and went back jeez that was fun 😀


Buddhism-Meditating and writing the Sutra

On Friday September 26 the whole of 8th Grade missed 3 periods of school to meet with a Buddhist Priest. I had lots of fun learning buddhism from a buddhist priest it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What did you learn during the day?

I learned the rules and customs of buddhism, meditating and how to write the sutra. The Sutra was the most coolest part in the whole learning experience. The Sutra is a Chinese writing that the buddhist write. Before we wrote the Sutra we meditated for around 10 minutes, the beginning of the meditation is when the priest rings a bell three times then when meditation is done the priest will ring it one time.

What did you enjoy or find difficult?

I really enjoyed the meditating part because for some reason it felt really different than just closing your eyes just sitting there have awake in sudden silence just felt really good. What I found difficult was writing the sutra because I am really bad at writing Chinese characters so I failed when I was writing it.

What was the purpose of the meditation and the sutra copying? How did you find the experience.

I think that the purpose of the meditation was so we could just spend time and relax so we could experience how it feels like when you meditate. I think the reason why we wrote down the sutra is because so we tried something different because the sutra is a lot different than normal english writing. I found the experience really good because its hard to be able to do these in your life so I am super happy I was able to learn about this.

What impact does Buddhism have on our lives and the lives of people who live in Japan?

I think that buddhism impacted the lives of people who lived in Japan by making them try different things and maybe if their parents were Chinese or Buddhists. Around 91 million people in japan are buddhists so I think that buddhism has influenced Japan.


Science Assessment 2 Criteria D

In science I read a article called “Banana Peels” It was a very interesting article I must say. The most interesting fact is that it said

Banana Peels – The New Water Purifier?

Now that got your attention, we all love bananas the only part we do not like is the peels so we just end up throwing them away, but what we do not know is that the banana inside does not have all the nutritions, the peel does and we all though that it has no use at all, but could this have an affect on banana peels?

What happened?

There are banana peels that are ending up in water like in the oceans, rivers, lake etc. People may think that this is bad because of littering but scientists believe that banana peels can be the new water purifier. Ranging from use as a fertiliser to curing warts and even, polishing shoes and silver. Now it turns out, that it can even help remove heavy metals from water and just cleaning the water. The type of metals that are found in water are mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As), chromium (Cr), thallium (Tl), and lead (Pb). Heavy metals are natural components of the Earth’s crust. They cannot be destroyed. The discovery was made by Brazilian scientist and banana lover Gustavo Castro. The tests revealed the presence of nitrogen, sulfur and most importantly, organic compounds like carboxylic acids(an organic acid), that have the capability of binding with metals that they come in contact with.

How did the Scientist find out?

How the scientist found Gustavo Castro, and his colleagues did an experiment. To experiment if the acids in the peels would be effective in polluted water, Gustavo Castro and some colleagues added them to jars of water taken from Brazil’s Panama River, which is known to contain copper and lead. Not only did the peels perform better than existing purifiers like silica and carbon, but they also could be re-used eleven times in a row!, before they stopped working! In addition to that, they are low cost, can easily be found all over the world and, leave behind no chemical residue. The only bad thing is that they cannot kill bacteria.

Does it actually work?

Yes it does work, I tried this today and left the banana do its work.

unnamed-1This is how the banana looks like
when you put a banana in dirty water

And on the bottom is how the water looked like after the banana just stayed floating around and soaked all the dirty water, the only thing was left was bits and pieces of the banana’s inside floating around.

I tried drinking the water and I tasted really weird but it was still better than drinking dirty water





Will it affect the world?

This will affect the world because when you have dirty water you can purify it by just putting a banana in the water. This will affect the world because we can remove the heavy metals from the water. The way to remove heavy metals is by running water through a distiller by heating water to boiling and then collecting the steam that is released. The metals that filled the water do not evaporate with the steam but instead collect on the bottom of the distiller leaving the collected steam clean and clear. Then your remove the heavy metals with a filtration system. Then you install a revers osmosis system, This system removes heavy metals by passing water through a membrane and draining out the additives including heavy metals. This will also affect it environmentally because there are lots of dirty water and maybe if the banana peels can purify the dirty water. Countries like Africa have troubles getting water and the water they are getting could be dirty so maybe once a while we can put some banana peels inside and let it purity the water.

Is it Beneficial or harmful?

Ok so after reading this blog post you must be thinking, “hmmm yes he proved that it is safe but is it safe?” and after the article saying it works and me saying it is safe because I actually did it you should agree that this is beneficial. So in conclusion I think that this science is beneficial because this can solve many problems around the world such as places that has dirty water and if we put a banana peel it can give clean water to the countries that do not have clean water. And maybe clean up dirty rivers or lakes even though it will be hard maybe we can do this. Here is a good video that explains about banana peels being able to clean water, I think that this is enough evidence to say it is true.

This has been you host Mark and thank you for listening.

Words I do not understand

Fertiliser: a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility.

Purifier: remove contaminants

MLA Format(sources) 

“Banana Peels – The New Water Purifier?” DOGOnews. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2014 (The Article)

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Science First Assessment Reflection

Ok, so our first assessment was based on metals let me just give you a brief history about me and metals, I am TERRIBLE at Metals. I cannot even tell any metal apart, well maybe gold, iron an aluminium but that basically it. Anyway so the teacher (Ms Harrison) would make us pick a metal from a box and I got Cadmium. I had NO CLUE about Cadmium, so we had to research about the metal and see if it is safe, dangerous if it is useful, useless all that type of stuff. We were only allowed to use specific sites. We then had to make a poster out of the research we did. I ended up getting a good grade, last year in Grade 7 I always got 7 and 8s but that was last year, this year I got a 6/8 but I still think that is good 😀 🙂 I enjoyed learning about metals because when you are terrible at something you want to learn more about it, it was fun and I enjoyed working with friends 😀