My Tutorial- How to do a Bicycle kick in Soccer

On Technology class we made a tutorial on how to do… I did How to do a Bicycle kick in Soccer. We have to show how doing the thing we are going to teach and also we have to upload it to YouTube and my Blog.

Below is my tutorial.

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My Tutorial meets the class criteria by simple because I used short sentences and they were easy to understand for the watchers/audience. It also reaches Step-by-Step because I showed how to start like the beginning, middle and the end of the tutorial. Mistakes are also what I included in my Tutorial I explained what could happen. My last one was Demonstrations I showed how to do it while speaking.

The new ideas that I got that will push my thinking in new ways or maybe putting split screen to show how people think how to do it and how you are supposed to do it. Maybe an other way is that I show the finished project at the end and also showing it in different camera Views to show different angles in the Video.

The thing that still challenges me is How do you do Split Screen? I could look at the document that our grade made but I am not sure if it’s there.  I also would like to know if I could change the view color instead of the normal Color to maybe a Black/White effect or maybe green effect.

This Unit was very fun and Interesting for me it was fun getting to know how to make a good tutorial and actually making one I would like to do this again next year or something similar.

7 thoughts on “My Tutorial- How to do a Bicycle kick in Soccer

  1. 1. I like how you explained how to do it in detail
    2. I like how you showed how to do in the wrong way so the viewer will understand.
    3. I didn’t talk fast and easy to hear.
    I learned to not always land on your back and use your hands.
    You can try and make the quality better.

  2. Good tutorial mark.

    I liked the part you made it slow motion so viewers can see the landing clearly.
    I also liked that you speak clearly and loud enough.
    You explained really well so that was good.

    At the end you showed us the side way and that seems to be dangerous and understand that landing down is easier than sie way.

    I learned that you have to put your hands next to your hips and landing you have to put your head up so you don’t damage your head.

    I think you should edit more better because some part your voice was cut other then that you did great!

  3. Hey Mark,
    It is awesome that you played the song by yours self and how it fitted perfectly to the topic. It is also very nice that you put so many different ways that you can land and showed it in slow motions many times so we can understand. I learned from your tutorial that there are 2 ways to land while doing a bicycle kick, one on your back and the other on your side. I also learned that you start on your right foot for the jump. One thing you can improve is when you said that you kick with your right foot, I think you should have said if you are a right footer you kick with your right foot and if you are a left footer you do the same but with the other leg.
    Great tutorial!

  4. I think your detail was really good Mark, I really understood how to do a bicycle kick and how to land properly. I like how your voice was so clear despite you being so far away from the camera. I also liked the slow-motion parts because they were effective in showing how you land and such. I learned the two ways of landing in a bicycle kick and I also learned how to approach a bicycle kick. The only thing I think you should improve was the video quality. If you have a better camera then use that.

  5. What I liked about your video is how you go directly into it how to do the bicycle kick which is good because it catches the viewers attention. Another thing I liked is how you put it in slow-mo and you say “Watch My Landing” and then it makes you look at your landing, and it’ also great when you put it in slow-mo. I also like how there is two ways of landing the bicycle kick because after it gives options on which one you’re going to do.

    From this tutorial I learned that when you do a bicycle kick you have to use your arms. I thought you needed to land straight on your back. I didn’t know that you could land on your side, what do you know you learn something everyday! 😀

    I think what you should improve on is talking more smoothly so that it’s better for the viewer.

  6. You did awesome can you show me your channel on you tube or something its very cool. I think you should make more videos. I also filled in the form nearly everything for me was 5!

    Awesome Job!
    Max Ballard

  7. Great job Mark! I love your ideas for making your tutorial even better! The split screen is picture-in-picture and we have that in our iMovie Tips document, but of course you can also look online for tutorials 🙂 I hope this project has inspired you to create more tutorials!

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