Ins Identical Stranger Blog Post #2

I feel quite sorry for them. I mean, they were separated and their relationships were destroyed. But, at leat the scientists got some information about twins. This scientists found out that most of your behaviors come from your genes, so in other words, it is nature. They are doing the same jobs, meaning that maybe their parents were also film critics. So, even if you are adopted and raised in a different place then your twin, the two might think the same and act the same. So basically, what I want to say is that Nature has a stronger effect than Nurture.

Ins 9 Psychology Blog Post

I understand that the characteristics/behaviors of people are made by both nature and nurture. So nature means that you get your behaviors from our genes(parents). On the other hand, nurture us when you get your behaviors from the environment. When I say environment, I mostly mean friends/colleague. Personally, I think that about 25%of your behavior comes from your genes and the other 75% is from the environment. In the video of the monkeys, the monkeys were born to get the “toy of their gender”. But also, when you become a teenager, your behaviors are depended on your friends. That is environmental. To be honest I don’t really mind where I get my behaviors from. Gettting my behaviors from my parents doesn’t make a total difference from getting my behaviors from my friends.

Drama Journal #3

The Key Idea in Drama Class, for the two weeks before field studies, we learned about Focus, Place, and Space. So to begin with, focus is how the actor/actress gets the audiences attention. There are many ways to get the audiences attention. First, you could do some talking. When a character talks, everyone’s attention goes there. You could walk around and do some action too.The different sections on stage are very important to remember. If a character is on downstage right or downstage center or downstage left, the character is quite an important character in the play and since he/she is in the center, everyones focus/attention will go there. But if a character is on upstage right or upstage center or upstage left, it means that they are not a very important/relevant character. No one will give attention to them.

For the Approach in class, we did many activities/practice. First, three group of people were on “stage” and they were just walking around saying nothing. That was soooooo boring. It was the worst scene in life. Later, Claire drops a pen and she says that she can’t find it. Now, the 3 had some attention from the audience. Then later, theĀ group did there play about finding this bomb and stopping it from exploding. Once Kent found the bomb and he said, “Oh, here it is!”. Everyones face turned there. This was the scene were they totally got the audiences attention.I learned that in a play/scene, there is inside action, edge of action, and outside of action. These “focus” are important because when you have these inside action stuff, you not which action is relevant or not.

The Outcome was once we did a lot of practice on focus, place, and space, personally, I think that I did a great job on me improving in those skills. The thing that I learned and was surprized about was that the sections of a stage are from the actors view and not the audiences view. I think I was also able to build up some relationships with my classmates over this two weeks with these amazing activities.

The Connection I made is that I learned the most in this two weeks, generally about drama. We went over many elements about drama. I was kind of able to understand the importance of a director of a theater. I believe that I would have to remember these common sense information if I am going to take Drama for the rest of my school year. I think that focus is not only in drama. This skill can be used in real life like doing presentations.