Introduction to Social History

Question 1: My perspective of Columbus changed a quite a lot. I didn’t know a lot about Columbus that much, so I thought that he was the first european who discovered America, but it seems like that is not the truth.

Question 2: My perspective of the Native Americans did not change at all. Before I read the article/watched the video, I believed that Native Americans are the ones that were in America first. I still believe that the Native Americans are nice and people and they didn’t do anything bad.

Question 3: When reading “History”, we should read many articles about that specific event and see which opinion we want to follow. By reading many articles of an event, you can know which sentences/phrases are bias.

Question 4: My theme for Columbus is darkness/shadow. By this, I mean that Columbus was in the shadows telling lies and all those bad things, but everyone else thinks that he is a good person and everyone follows him. I would focus on all the bad things he did.

Question 5: Our reading’s theme was truth. As I said before, Columbus is kind of like the bad guy. He is the one that killed many Native Americans. But in his own country, he is like a hero, which means that he has two faces. The people in his own country don’t no the truth because he doesn’t tell them the truth.