Community Engagement

I’ve spent 3 years in RIJ, Refugees International Japan, where we work with the RIJ headquarters and we help refugees all over the world by raising funds and donating survival goods and money to refugees who are in serious conditions. As a citizen of a country that does not really accept refugees, I believe that it is important that as a school, we care and support the refugees that are struggling. As a community, we had sold Christmas cards which we got from the RIJ headquarters. During several events such as the¬†Food Fair and Parent Teacher Conference and we were able to raise a great amount of money, which was sent to the RIJ Headquarters.

At RIJ, we have watched several videos on refugees and we had been notified with the seriousness this global issue of refugees. After we had watched the videos, I was able to use this knowledge gained from RIJ in MUN, as one of the topics of discussion was about refugees. I was able to engage with issues of global significance, as I was able to mention several facts gained from RIJ and was able to show my engagement to the audience.

For our first event of my senior year, we sold tapioca tea during break. This event needed a lot of prior preparation and as the leader, I had to be in charge and lead the other members. In the end, we were successfully able to sell all of the tapioca and raise a lot of money to donate to the RIJ headquarters, where the money will be used to help refugees all over the world.

As the leader, I have planned not only to do fundraising but also do some research on refugees all over the world. Currently, we have split into groups and we are researching about refugees in different countries and regions. by doing this, we will be able to recognize the ethical and global issue of refugees, which is a serious issue.

As this is my last year in RIJ, I plan to host more events in order for me and RIJ, and the school as a community can be engaged in the issue of refugees.

Wilderness Engagement: Hong Kong

For my grade 11 expeditions(field studies), a small group of 11th graders, including myself, went to Hong Kong to learn how to sail. The first day was learning how the sailing boat works and learning the basics and essentials to sailing. Once, our group learned how to sail a boat, we were on our way to another island.

The journey had been a very tough challenge, as the weather was not on our side. When we were sailing, for most of the time, it had been raining and it was freezing. In addition to that, there was no wind, we were not able to sail. Therefore, we ended up rowing a sailing boat in the rain. Although this experience was not the best, I was able to experience what it feels like to be in the wilderness.

This journey has taught me a lot. Living in the wilderness is not an easy thing and everything does not go according to plan. Therefore, we need to be able to adapt and this will help us in our daily lives. In our daily lives, not everything goes according to plan. In school, several things happen and things don’t go according to plan, therefore, but after this Hong Kong trip, I was able to adapt to complicated situations and work things out.

Being able to adapt was not the only skill I learned in this trip. Through our trip, I was able to talk to people I usually don’t talk to and I was able to be more collaborative. Below is a picture of us at the end of the trip:

As I have stated before, there was no wind and it was raining, so we had to work together to be able to land on the island we were aiming for. Although there were some conflicts and several grumpy people on the journey when rowing, we were able to encourage each other and we believe that our work paid off as we were able to actually sail for the last bit of the trip and successfully make it to the island.

In conclusion, I can say that I was able to engage in the wilderness and gain several skills. I was able to gain/improve, skills such as being able to adapt and collaborative skills, which help in my daily life and I believe that my experience in Hong Kong will help me thrive as a global citizen.