Design 9 Screencast Reflection

For the Crash Course 1 Game and Crash Course 2 Game, I had problems in everything. But  had more problems in Crash Course 1. So Crash Course 1 was my first time making my game. It was very hard. I didn’t know where to start. First, I couldn’t jump(big problem). Next I was able to “jump”, but instead of jumping, Mambo(the character just floated and went to heaven. So, I realized that there was no gravity. So I added gravity and then, I was able to jump. Later, when I was playing, I realized that when I go back, I just fall in the pit and die. I wasn’t able to find a solution to this problem, so I will ask Mr. Hamada. But, overall, it was a great time using Crash Course 1.

For, Crash Course 2, I just had to follow the tutorial, so I didn’t have that many problems, but I had some problems. My biggest problem was that I couldn’t have the “You Win!” sign after I defeated all my enemies. I have not solved that problem yet, so I am thinking of asking a friend or asking Mr. Hamada(the professional on Stencyl). Everything except for that went well and it was fun. But this Crash Course took me longer to finish because there were more than 100 steps.

Stencylpedia told me many things about Stencyl(well, of course). I will document what I have learned by using my blog and posting it. I looked at the character and scenery part to see where my problem was with Crash Course 1, but it gave me no clue. So i will look deeper in Stencylpedia and find out my problem.