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In Tech Class during this 4 week, I have worked on 2 things. Blog brainstorm, and Learning about WordPress. Those were important to makes a good blog. What I learned from this unit is to know what to post, and how we could grab people’s interesting.

We learned those 2 important things, so we can create a really good blog with good entertainment, good design and good organized.

Important to me, design, entertainment and the organization.   No pictures in the background that are not simple black letters only If the interested I do not go out like this.   And not only do loads boring if the do the entertainment, music, photos and videos by using interesting it would be great. By the organization, Next time I again find and use, many people easy to see at a glance, think are important.

Entertainment: add music, photo and video as proper. // Design: good font, text color and size, back ground picture. // Organized:  divide category, subject and date ordering. 

Entertainment:I made using the pictures of food

Design:Things that are important characters change color

Organized:Topics cleanup cooking by.

Conclusion, the good blog is not only text, including photo, video and music are better. also summarized blog can catch people’s interesting and provide knowledge, and good design also can help those. 

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