Let’s go to Jakarta!

Jakarta liveable!

The highest temperature in Jakarta is 32.58 degrees celsius and the lowest temperature is 24.8 degrees celsius and the average rainy days is 168 days. You can see Jakarta is quite hot compared to Japan. Jakarta doesn’t have the 4 seasons and have dry seasons and wet seasons.
  • Food and Fresh water supply. Jakarta has a problem of urban air pollution, so most of the water in Jakarta aren’t clean.
  • Even though, the supplies are cheap. The price for 1.5 liter water bottle is $0.47(zero point forty seven dollars)
  • Price of 1kg of rice: $1.30
  • Price of 12(dozen) eggs: $1.56

Create Reflect

I think my blog design/theme is not happy because almost no change.

If there is a change only increased Detailed.


Look at the picture where the ‘school’ by placing the mouse will show a grade.

‘Grade 6’ by placing the mouse on the subject is this sort of subjects that interest can be found by clicking.


I lick a design because a very simple, but it is not complex.

Cross Country

During the running I has been make self mind control as a self talking. In side of mind I appreciate to me you can d, more little bit more.

If result is 18 minute will be more, if 17 min is best for me. Like this self cheer things should be bring good result, was I belived it.

Hope that result is self best for me ln actual cross contury day …

Grade 6 Technology – Plan Reflection


I painted for the mission to be successful in any way, you can design on my blog if you will whether to draw three. Simple-and nostalgic favorite and now I use a bag are using …..




To draw three kinds of simply because I like the simple things of them painted. Picked favorite photo below is ……. ↓ ↓ ↓

(Click here to View)


The reason for this is selected, you can see more easily how to use the simple expression.

And may not be visible as pale as the background color, but the painting I wanted to give more points to is …..






The photo below was written plan to maintain my blog (?) ….

(Click here to view)

I know how to create and maintain a good blog is going to be a good blog while I do my blog in a good direction for activities to keep the lead out shouting seems to be having a good time ….


Last day of retune to home, we ware finished most activity and play the quizzes and games.

When we play the drama, I had charge narration.

When is wrote playbook I didn’t know every things but thru the several time rehearsal I got confidence.

The below photography is our scenery of dreams play.


We couldn’t got good score because of there are some conflict for opinion, but it very good time for became understood for unknown things.

My favorite activity

The HAKUBA activity was close to all funny thing not special just one thing.

The Rock climbing was fun but got painful of arm in next day.  When I did I cannot feel painful of lag because of my arm was more painful. We did play the game on almost finished time.