Reflection on Park Illustration

In art class we had to make a park illustration. I learned watercolour skill and how to make more better artwork.

1. What was your progress made over the Park Illustration unit?

First I saw the Tommy Kane video then I needed to answer What did I see, what did Tommy Kane do, what materials did he use, what techniques did he use, what made his visual journal so good. After this work I when to the park then draw the place but it was just practice, I think I’m draw 2 place(practice) than I chose the final place then draw the line, between the practice and final draw I leaned  10 watercolour skill.

(this this watercolour skill I needed to used on my draw)


2. How you used feedback to improve your artwork?

I improved my art work by feedbacks from my peers. I got feedbacks from Garrick. Garrick said I needed to use more  watercolour skills so I’m think about more watercolour skills like how can I use this skills or when I use this skills.

(this is my feedback)



3. If you were going to do this work again, what would you do differently and why?

If I’m going to do this work again I want to improve my skill and make more realistic because I think now my skill was vary simple so I want try difficult work and use more colour. And I want do batter sketches.

this is my art work!

I like this unit because I can learned watercolour skill and I like art.

Technology – Criteria E Reflection of digital story

In Tech class we had to make a digital story. this is my digital story link. My digital story is about “History of my art(fiction)”

1. Reflect on how well your digital story met the essential and desirable specifications you wrote for yourself when you did the peer assessment compared to how well you met these goals after the video was complete.


  1. 3-6min long
  2. no copyright+images and referenced
  3. must be able to share online
  4. target audience


  1. make a bit mysterious
  2. use new transition skill
  3. try to make music

I think I did good job for my designable because I use my own drawing skill so give some mysterious, I Think I’m used new transition skill and maybe I’m made music because use the GarageBand, used some melody then made short song.I think peer assessment was bit help to my work because I can improve my self because I got some feedback from my friend (not only about my gold like ‘your need to do your gold also you can add more something’) and I can compare the others work so I can learned something from others digital story. I’m compare the before peer assessment and after peer assessment I can see the my work going better.

 (this is design cycle)

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by superkimbo

2. Reflect on your work during each part of the design cycle and explain areas for improvement with excellent detail and supporting examples.

Design cycle has 4 part.It was investigating→ plan→ create→ evaluate. In investigating part, look at other people’s digital story(3 or 4) and think about what is a digital story,story structure(my opinion) and key features, then after watch the 3 or 4 video find out the patterns(Eg: those 3 or 4 video had a background music, transitions, pictures oriented, effects, flashing, introduction, storyline, voice over(narration)). I think I did okay but I think I need to improve write bit more detail for story structure and key features. after this we defined for 7 Elements to Digital Storytelling first I don’t know anything about digital story and words meaning so after know the answer it was good to know. after investigating we needed plan. First I don’t have a any idea so I did brainstorming then I’m find out the topic then I’m write very simple story then we did “Presentation Tool Investigation” this is about he get some tools so we needed to explain what is this tools or how you use this tool and give some detail about tools.We did good but we need to share more detail. Then we needed to write mini refraction I think I need to improve this part because mine was very simple so I need to give some more detail. then we are start real planning about story and tool so I’m chose “history of my art” because I want share my idea but I can’t make this thing so I’m just draw the how to make this and “iMovie” because theres many technique and I know the how to use iMove also I’m use GarageBand because I needed to made music then we did resources, resources and timeline timeline was very helped me when I made video more easy to think about “today I’m doing something” then we made storyboard I think my storyboard was good because I can see the what going on but I need to improve add more detail after this we did mini refraction agin but I’m still need to write more detail then we did specification, specification was designable and essential I did good job on this part because for essential part was everyone write same think or add more but first we has some condition, for designable part was maybe I needed to write how to do. Create part I did good job because I’m follow the my timeline and storyboard and complete my goal make a bit mysterious, use new transition skill and add music but I want make more better video and music and if I got many homework I’m did “okay next day I’m going to do more” so I can finish up.

Our unit questions was, ‘How can we use media to communicate our stories?’ my main idea was “you can use social networks and internet” like you can use youtube or some site then you can use post or video and picture  then share my story or talk to other.

I’m enjoyed this unit and I hope other peoples too because I can share my idea and if I doing this work agin I want share my life or make more funny story!