my goal!

Goal 1

Studying English. because I’m not well speak English. now lessons is from me difficult but study English after easy. first study word next conversation.

Goal 2

A lot of walking, because I am little weak healthy,so I going to the first little walking and little more little more.



Student Led Conferences


I like my self portrait because I really  like art and self portrait was my first unit for art so I share the my drawing and I talk about my self portrait like “how to draw the my self portrait”,”what I leaned”,”Good Point or Bad Point”,”I like art because …”


I’m share my speech, and I thin not bad my speech because my first speech and my first year English, in class I share my video and then went my home I share again.


I make video for my house(Minecraft), we can choose 4 place, I’m choose cooled place we are mead house then we are think about how to make more easy esiy to living in different place.


I’m share my Kanji score and I’m make presentation, presentation was introduced my country so I reporting about Korea.


I’m share my Book Podcast and Essay, I’m Recording my voice but fist I don’t know How to recording my voice so went the Technology teacher, I read Eliza’s cherry trees.


I’m share what I learned in EAL class. Example)I learned Compare, Contrast in EAL class and I use the other class for English,Humanities and math. In English class we are learned about word but before or after EAL teacher’s help the understand.


In math class we are learned about area “how to get Square, Triangle and Trapezoid’s area” and I share my math test score.


I share the How to recording the GarageBand and I’m make music


I make video for Jump rope skills


I’m share my blog so how to design the blog, then I’m change the background and I design my self (paper?)



I’m choose the topic and so I’m share the work and how to do Experiment

Reflection Of Semester 1 Mathes

I learned…

  • venn diagrams
  • setnotations
  • phytagoras theorem
  • percentages
  • casino game

I enjoyed…

  • phytagoras theorem because I learned new thing and I like how to find hypotenuse

I did not enjoyed(little bit)…

  • casino game because I don’t know why we did casino game

The I was most proud of was…

  • test because basically I got better score then list year

I want to improve…

  • try to use more mathematical word
  • get better (test or reflection and writing part)