Using Ratios To Estimate Sizes

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We are almost complete with our topic, ratios.

We did a small group activity I was with Lisa. We needed to take a picture of 2 objects, and measure the length of the smaller one. Then, using ratios, we had length of the other object.

We chose the height of Mr.Fedley, using computer case. The length of computer case was 31cm

After I’m edited the photos we took, we noticed that 6 of the computers fit in Mr. Fedley. so the ratio of my computer case : Mr. Fedley = 1 : 6.

my guess, Mr. Fedley must be 186cm because 1 computer case was 31 cm so times 6 : 31 x 6 = 186.

We asked Mr. Fedley he was 172cm, it is mean in ±10 so we are close to guess supposed we are correct.