Make your Mark (Line Drawing) Reflection

In art class, we have been making a line. We chose a picture(black and white) and started drawing with pencil  first and adding details with permanent marker. We needed to use different line techniques in our drawing.

photo5           SONY DSC

The Process made over the unit


First we were practise line and gradation (Value&Tone), using different types of line and patterns (Space and Direction); Cross-hatching, Hatching, Stipple, Scumble, Contour hatching, Random hatching,textures, positive, negative space and more.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.28.03 PMWe  researched two famous artists. Durer, Rembrant and Van Gogh, I learned that all of this artists had a different style of drawing, so when they used same types of line but looks different or they draw same objects but explain different way.

Then we learned more about artists sketch. We compare  different artists sketch. I did “Vincent van Gogh : Cottage Garden (1888)” and “Albrecht Durer : in his cell (1514)”.

Photo on 4-8-14 at 10.37 PMPlanning & Artistic techniques

When we did the plan we practice a lot like used trace paper, tried to draw 3 different types/stale(use different line or tone and different types of pen)

Photo on 4-23-14 at 5.57 PMImprovements

(<-My first practice)if I’m going to do this work agin I think I need to change ground, middle ground and sky because the right bottom part you can see much details but other ground part its looks like mostly white and also sky if look at the original picture  you can see really good gradation but my final work show justblack part,white part and  gray part.I need to spend equal time to each part and use more different types of line techniques .


Overall, I think I improved a lot because when I compare to my first drawing and final work I add much details on final work also I improved many skills gradation, hatching and tone (value).