Math Reflection

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In this math class, which is 7B math class, we had Mr. Fedley as our teacher, This semester we studied ratios, algebra, 2D shapes or angles and statistics. I think I did well on angles, also I enjoyed algebra and rations too. this is my some work. I most enjoyed the Marine Tower activity. Next year I want to focus on reflection because in this  year I didn’t good job on reflections.

iPad feedback

Advice for G7 students when using an iPad:

Haiku deck

Use the apps inside iPads in a very creative way and try to use your iPad and computer balanced. Coach’s eyes, it’s very useful for analysing a thing about P.E(baseball). Haiku deck, It’s a good presentation app. It was easy to get pictures from CC, because Haiku deck is connect to CC. Also it was easy to present because you can see script and pictures at the same time.

Advice for parents on what should parents know about the iPads:

iPad is a useful, helping students to take pictures or do other things that you cannot do that in the computer. Having both devices will make more easy to do the homework. But maybe your child play game by using a iPad, so you need to focus on that.

Advice for the teachers on what should teachers know about the iPads:

iPads could be use for most of the projects. If you make the students use two devices in one project, it will make the students have more apps to use and more choices. But some teachers say “You must need to use iPad.” But I think it’s not good for student.

The Story Of Yokohana

Yokohama – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

My main question was “What kind of What kind of benefits were there for having a sea near Yokohama?“. I’m choose this question because Yokohama is near to see Yokohama and lot some foreigner ware living in Yokohama. So I’m research about Yokohama, Matthew PerryRed Brick Warehouse, Chinatown, Hotel New Grand and Trading. Yokohama was a small fishing village, when sea port opened, having little contact with foreigners, it was Perry. Then Yokohama started trading with other country. The sea allowed Yokohama to trade with other countries, and Yokohama became international because it was able to exchange products. Specially many Chinese were came to Yokohama, so they started build Chinese school, community center, Those building represent beginning of the Chinatown. Grand Hotel was same as chinatown many foreigners came to Yokohama, then they when to the Grand Hotel because close to sea port so easy to go back to they home country.