In science class, we read an article. I read “Deep-Sea Mud Of Pacific Ocean Abundant In Rare Metals” article about mining rare-earth metals from deep-sea. I learned a lot in this article.

This article is saying, there are lots of rare metals like lanthanum, neodymium, and the metal yttrium in the sea. People need those metals because often we use those elements when we made iPads and Kindles but we should stop mining them because if you keep doing, it will require deep earth mining, it is not good for the ocean.

this is connected to science because it’s about mining rare metals, so they get some sampled, and they give sampled to scientists, they look at the sampled and they describe about that metals. Also they think about how it affects to the world.

This article talks about mining rare metals, it affects the world environmentally and economically because you need to be ready for mining and it take a long time to go get there, so you need to spend money, also it was not good to ocean and nature.

this is good for people because they can get metals easily (because now they know how to find), but it was not good for the planet because when mining people mining it means destroying thing, so it destroying the ocean. I think it is not good because we destroying natural, it was not easy to get back and planet lost their places.

Chan, Juliana. “Deep-Sea Mud Of Pacific Ocean Abundant In Rare Metals.”Asian Scientist Magazine Science Technology and Medicine News Updates From Asia RSS. N.p., 4 July 2011. Web. 21 Sept. 2014. <>.


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  1. Hey Hye won I like the structure of your post but maybe you can just add some pictures so it is a bit ore entertaining. I think that you completed a full bibliography of MLA and describing how our understanding of metals in science affects the world. I think you did well. I think you should improve on using scientific words.
    -Mark 😀

  2. hey hyewon,
    I think you did a good job on organising your post. it is beautifully made in to paragraphs and sorted cleanly. I think you did a great job on discussing and analysing with your post!

  3. Your blog post is easy to understand and interesting to read even though I wrote about the same article too. One thing you did really well was that you summarize how our understanding of science and metals helps us/the world or not. Maybe next time you should put pictures too maybe~ 😛

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog post. I think it was well organised and easy to understand and it was very detailed. I would reccomend you to put some pictures. Overall, I really like your blog post!

  5. Hey Hyewon 🙂
    I think your blog post is organized and is easy to read. It is also detailed and I think you did a great job explaining. I think adding images will make this blog post better! 😀

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