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Have you ever thought about why this book call Nobody Knows? Nobody Knows by Shelley Tanaka, is a story about one family that lived in Tokyo without their mother. Akira has the responsibility to take care of his sisters and brother(Shigeru,Kyoko and Yuki). They have a hard time living because they don’t have money. However, the real story, book and film are all different. I like the genre of this book. This book doesn’t have a theme or I can’t find any theme in this book, because this story is based on real story. When I compared this book to the real story, there are some different points. For example, in this book there are 4 children, but in fact there were 5 children. There are more differences between the book and real story. I think this makes me want to read this book, because if there are only facts that just happened, it might be boring and author can’t make this a long story. When I read this book I can understand it and I can feel it more easlly because the author used third person to narrate the story, so I feel like, I was there and I see what’s going on.

This book is about one family that lived in Tokyo without their mother, book called Nobody Knows. The book title answered my question, my question is why did their mom leave them alone? The answer is Nobody Knows. I think you guys like this book!

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  1. This must have been a sad book to read. But I think that sad books give hope and make you think how lucky we are to be this rich. I think that I already heard of this author last year when we were assigned books. How did the kids survive? Was this book challenging? I really like how you put a summery of the book in the introduction. I agree with you when you say that if everything is fact then the story isn’t going to be long. Maybe the theme of the book is hope is always with you with or without parents. I am considering to read this book.

  2. Omg I also read this book too and I know this book is really good 🙂 and sad… I love how you started your book review by asking Q because i know that will hook peoples attentions. When I read this book i was dragged in the scene.
    This is my opinion but I think the mom stopped living with their children because she had trouble taking care of their children and she had some issues with money. Also she hangout with her boyfriend more that her children’s.
    The very sad part was her 2nd little sister died 🙁 In the book it says, they went to the airport and buried her but the fact is they went tot he forest and buried her not airport. ( I learned this in English class last year)
    seems like you also had fun reading this book like me and this is heart touching.

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