Traveling today

In this few month, our unit was about velocity and speed. We use motion sensors to know what is velocity is, also we looking at some graph to find velocity and find speed(distance/time). Using that information, we need to fill “Global Travel”… In our life, there are quite few way to traveling around this world. You can use some riding, like car, airplanes, bicycle, boat, some animals and more, also you can walk, swimming or any thing that you can move. Out of all of them,  when you want to go somewhere  you have to consider how long it’s going to take you to arrive to your destination and plan out your things. For example, if I’m going to meet my friend in some peace, I can ask them or I look at different websites to see which train or bus I should go on, because it will tell me coast and how long does it take to arrive there.


Drama:persuasive speech

In drama class we writhing persuasive speeches about a topic that you chose. My topic was “Dogs are better than Cats”. In my speech I talk about some fact from some animal site.

Clip #19 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In this speech, I think I made rally good script, and present well/ better than 7th grade speech. Sometime I look at my speech but mostly I try to look at audience and try to do eye contact with audience. When I watched my video, it is not that bad as what I thought. I think the structure of my speech is very clear but I was really nervous when I present my speech, so I kind of miss some part, but still my structure has every thing that I need. One thing I can improve on is I need to speak more clearly, get more confidence and can change my voice tone.

I could use a persuasive speech in my life now for if I wanted to buy something, but I don’t have money to buy that thing, so when I have to persuasive my parents to buy that things or stuff.I could use a persuasive speech in the future for when I need to present new product, I need make then they want this product or they want to use this once.

It is useful to know how to prepare a speech and know how to structure a speech because it is useful in future, when you want to make a speech. If your speech don’t have right structure, then people can’t understand what you are try to say and point. Also important to know how to present speeches because when you speaking in front of audience, you will feel by yourself confident and comfortable. If you present your speech well, it make to people to attention at your speech and what you are saying.