Drama: Infomercial

In drama class we need to make a informercial video and my product was talking dolls.

My barriers was that I’m not using that much tone of the voice and gesture, also using peer word was kind of hard too because I don’t use gesture while I’m speaking often, and Im not changing my tone of the voice when I was talking. Another thing that barriers me was, I got nervous because when I started recording I need to speck clearly and I need to use peer world to intrudes my product.I think I need to keep practice and try to use big or changes of my voice in my life. Also it’s good to watching people who talking with big gesture can help me too I think.It just mental barriers so if I keep try and practice I can make an improvement and it become a normal thing to talk in front of people.

I&S: What did I learn…?

In a Individuals and Societies class, we learn about globalization and we finished assessment. Before we learn about globalization, I have not that much idea what is globalization and how it affect us. One dig thing I learn is globalization has a connection between our life, and it is big part of our life even though if you don’t know. In this unit we did a big project and I was really worry about this unit because we didn’t oftenly worked on those big project. What I learn form this big project is, it’s really important to think about the time and make a plan because when I started working on my task 1, I have no plan at the beginning, after that I realize I really need a plan to finished my work at due date. I really proud of my work that I can finished up at due date and proud of my grade too. Also I proud of that I had a basic skills to managed the time by myself.