I&S: What did I learn…?

In a Individuals and Societies class, we learn about globalization and we finished assessment. Before we learn about globalization, I have not that much idea what is globalization and how it affect us. One dig thing I learn is globalization has a connection between our life, and it is big part of our life even though if you don’t know. In this unit we did a big project and I was really worry about this unit because we didn’t oftenly worked on those big project. What I learn form this big project is, it’s really important to think about the time and make a plan because when I started working on my task 1, I have no plan at the beginning, after that I realize I really need a plan to finished my work at due date. I really proud of my work that I can finished up at due date and proud of my grade too. Also I proud of that I had a basic skills to managed the time by myself.

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