Starting your own business

The first I&S project was that we need to design our own product and make a video to investors. We decided to make a product that customer can design their own backpack.

Idea of my group was company call DyB is a small company that lets customers design their own backpack. DyB will be an online service where you can select the parts you want and we will fit them together to make the perfect bag for customers. The prize of each individual part will be shown when you select it so you have an overall view of how much the end product will cost. However the current overall prize will be viewable on your screen whilst you are still designing the bag. To make sure you know what the bag will look like when all the parts are put together there will be a sample bag that will change and adapt to your selections. To make the decisions easier for you suggestions for you linked on the page

The website will let you pick each part of your own backpack and you can design your own. You can add features like paper organizer, protection cases, portable chargers that fixed on the bag, pockets for your phone or train pass and pan. also it has space for snack box. You can chose if you need pockets on the side for water bottle. Also you can choose color and different designs.

We would need 40-50 people. 5-10 truck drivers, 10-20 managers, 10-15 mechanics, 7-10 forklift drivers.

Product will be available to everyone and it will be as cheap as we can make it. An approximation of the price of one bag would be 150 US $ but it would obviously change the price by what features you choose.

We will need quite a bit of money to start the company. 50,000 US$ would probably be enough for the beginning and then we could see how much profit we make off of this. Later on, we can decide if we need sponsors or if we already make enough profit.

Tutor: Goals for this semester

According to last year’s report, my strength is how I was working with the group. I didn’t lead the group, but I was a good follower and if I need to lead at some part I try my best to combine  other’s idea and my idea. However, I need to improve my reflection skills. Also to be more courageous.

  1. Read more books to improve my English, I think this is important and fastest way to improve my English.
  2. Do my homework on time. Last year, I didn’t organize myself that much so I need to improve my organizing skills to make my works better.
  3. Shere my opinion. I need to be more confidence and work more hard in class.