GCD reflection – Management

I always feel management is the most difficult part and the most important element in my life. As a student who involves in several activities, it is difficult to manage all the project, events and activities.

From grade 8 to grade 10, I was part of student council and it was big things to me. It required a lot of responsibility as I volunteer to take a role that is in the decision making of the big events. Such events, back to school concert, dance parties and studentaiment which big events in our school, and while I was a member of a student council I was involved in the planning of all of the events regardless head of the team or supporter. The regular student council meeting is relatively short, an hour per week, compared to the amount of work we need to accomplish. It was important to make a commitment and finish given works by the due date. As a solution to this, the team I was involved in, always had documents which keep all the track of dates and stuff we need to do. In the first meeting for the specific event, we always discussed what needs to be done by what date to able to finish the events successfully. Then we discuss with team members to see who can take which role to be able to meet due dates. For example, back to school concert, which is the first school events of new grade year and happens in the first week back from the break, it is really important to keep good management. To complete the diagram below, it almost only took 3 weeks to finalize, and able to run the event successfully. The only reason I can manage all this as a team and myself is that I have an organized system of planning ahead.  When I was in head position for specific events, it found out it is useful to set a reminder for myself to able to keep everything flows smoothly. I’m a person who remembers all the schedules rather than writes it on the planner/calendar. However, to lead a team, it was efficient to use some devices to share all the dates and to-do list to remind everyone; since it is important to function as a team.

From those past experience, I learned how to manage my time efficiently and able to adjust depending on who and what I’m working on.