GCD reflection – global understanding

In Geography course, We develop an understanding of the population change and human trafficking on a global scale. Through several case studies and class lectures, I was able to link with my experiences to the changing population in place I currently live in, Japan.

In the first subunit, I learned about the factors that control the distribution of the population. the factors that affect the distribution of population are climate factor, policies, accessibility of resources and etc. I was able to learn about how there is uneven distribution of population different countries, regardless of how much it develops, including, Canada, China, Japan, and S.Africa. In these countries, the population is distributed unevenly due to people in working-age migrating for work to cities in the country. The rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization has decreased the importance of traditional jobs (fisherman and farmers). As the numbers of traditional jobs decrease, most of the jobs are located in urban area, for example, Japan, therefore population are concentrated in the urban areas. Which results in an ageing population in the rural areas, as younger people move near the urban area. I have seen this when I visited Izu as expedition; Izu is one of the rural areas in Japam. In there, I saw a small building and restaurants(mostly traditional Japanese food), as well as local grocery stores. The people I saw there were mostly elderly, and few younger people who lived with the grandparents.

Additionally, the rate of external migration is rapidly increasing within the past few years, since due to better jobs condition and environment in high-income countries(HICs). As from my own experience, nowadays it is not rare to see foreigner working in other countries. For example, there is an increase in number where people from middle-income countries or low-income countries working as nannies in Japan, for loge period of times. As they are looking for the better environment and order to find jobs. However, there are a lot of problems regarding external migration; some case migrants are subjected to human tracking. In case if they lack knowledge in their destination or don’t understand the languages, then it is more easily tricked by the traffickers. Some women are likely to be sexually trafficked, such as forced to marry men. Most of the time, the traffickers confiscate migrants’ identity documents or passports, so they cannot return to their own country. A non-governmental organization in Japan, Lighthouse visited our school, also as part of my I&S project, I interviewed one person from Lighthouse, and she highlights how human trafficking is an on-going issue in many countries.

Through these experiences, I learned how there are large disparity between peoples’ life in different regions of the world/countries, in terms of lifestyle and opportunities for job, leading to unequal distribution of population due to internal and external migration. Then how it relates or leads to another issue, such as ageing population on a specific region or human trafficking.

GCD reflection – intercultural communication

I am full Korean who speaks three languages, Korean as my first language, Japanese as my second and English as my third language. Being bilingual allowed me to realize my different attitude and register between speaking those three languages. when I speak Japanese I tend to be more formal and respectful. For example, in normal conversation between my friends and family, who they can speak Japanese, I tend to code-switch to Japanese when I ask a favor or say an apology, as it has more polite tone. Therefore, knowing three different languages means more than just able to communicate in different languages, as it teaches me different culture as well.

When I came back to Japan in grade 6, it was my job to communicate with local people when I go outside with my mother and sister, as I was able to speak Japanese.  I was able to communicate with people at shops and restaurants. At shops, I asked the workers whether they sell a certain product when I couldn’t find it. At restaurants, I ordered the food for my family as a representative and helped my parents when they were paying for the food by translating between Japanese and Korean. When I talk to local people, since Japan is a culture that values manner, I talk to the people in formal words, regardless of their age, as I met them for the first time.

From these experience, I learned how it is important to pay attention and show affection towards peoples from a different country and value their culture to communicate and construct a good relationship with people from different countries.






GCD reflection – Management

I always feel management is the most difficult part and the most important element in my life. As a student who involves in several activities, it is difficult to manage all the project, events and activities.

From grade 8 to grade 10, I was part of student council and it was big things to me. It required a lot of responsibility as I volunteer to take a role that is in the decision making of the big events. Such events, back to school concert, dance parties and studentaiment which big events in our school, and while I was a member of a student council I was involved in the planning of all of the events regardless head of the team or supporter. The regular student council meeting is relatively short, an hour per week, compared to the amount of work we need to accomplish. It was important to make a commitment and finish given works by the due date. As a solution to this, the team I was involved in, always had documents which keep all the track of dates and stuff we need to do. In the first meeting for the specific event, we always discussed what needs to be done by what date to able to finish the events successfully. Then we discuss with team members to see who can take which role to be able to meet due dates. For example, back to school concert, which is the first school events of new grade year and happens in the first week back from the break, it is really important to keep good management. To complete the diagram below, it almost only took 3 weeks to finalize, and able to run the event successfully. The only reason I can manage all this as a team and myself is that I have an organized system of planning ahead.  When I was in head position for specific events, it found out it is useful to set a reminder for myself to able to keep everything flows smoothly. I’m a person who remembers all the schedules rather than writes it on the planner/calendar. However, to lead a team, it was efficient to use some devices to share all the dates and to-do list to remind everyone; since it is important to function as a team.

From those past experience, I learned how to manage my time efficiently and able to adjust depending on who and what I’m working on.

GDC reflection – community engagement

One of the service groups I joined pat 2 years was the GIN Chiku group. The group works towards helping the homeless community in Japan. We visite the Chiku center regularly to provide lunch for homeless people in the area and aim to raise an awareness for the homelessness in Japan to a wider community. For example, we invited a guest speaker, who is a leader of Chiku center, to assembly and talk about how our service group is involved and how can we help so the audience can learn about eh homeless. We also held sports event to get donations and raise an awareness to both player and audiences, by making an announcement and inform what GIN Chiku group are doing and state the purpose of the events.

I believe that participating in this service group helped to raise awareness of the homelessness in Japan. As we explained why there are homeless in Japan and what kind of life they are living, I think audiences gained a better understanding. I wanted wider community in our school know that there are many reasons behind a person who become homeless, such as In Japan a huge decrease in employment due to the collapse of the economy, and also reduce negative stereotypes towards them. My participation also helped the homeless people directly as I helped with the meal provision for them at the Chiku center nearby school, in both morning and lunchtime, which allowed the homeless people to have healthy meals. There were also homeless people around while we were preparing the food in the morning time. I was able to talk to them and listen to their story while preparation for meal provision. As I am able to speak Japanese, this strength helped me in understanding their stories and understand the homeless in Japan better, also translating their stories to our group members who do not speak Japanse to understand those the homeless people live.

Furthermore, in Chiku center, there were many volunteer workers from other organizations. I was able to learn about their experience and activity they were doing, such as how often they come visit Chiku center and what kind of activity they do to raise awareness to people around them.

As I joined this service group, I learned the background of the homeless people in Japan, and able to lost negative stereotypes towards them. I also belives that how my small action can lead to positive outcomes, which was reflected through several events held by service group, such as Onigiri making, how our promotion brought in lot of volunteer outside of service group came to help us out.

The Brave Benvolio Montague, unveils the truth behind the Montague and Capulet feud

Benvolio being thoughtful during the interview

Benvolio being thoughtful during the interview / Yang, Alex. “Benvolio.” Flickr. N.p., 2 June 2008. Web. 22 May 2016.

While the young Montague and Capulet gangs clash into one another, the young and brave Benvolio Montague, speaks up on how tired he is with this feud. He also talks about Romeo Montague his cousin, with love, and reveals the truth behind Romeo’s drama.

What’s the relationship between you and Romeo? And, how do you and Romeo get along?

Romeo and I are cousins, but I feel as if he is my closest friend than a relative. Romeo and I are always together since we were young, and we are always there for each other. So, yeah, we get along really well.

It sounds like you know him really well. Tell us what kind of person he is?

Yeah, I know him better than anyone, even his father. Well, he trusts me more than anyone so we don’t keep any secrets from each other. It explains what kind of person I am right? he is really kind and he wants everyone to get along. But he is really sensitive and that gets me worried sometimes… He is also really moody so it is kind of hard to measure my affection with him. Especially with love and relationships. He is so love sick (whispers)

He’s love sick?

You know Rosaline? A daughter of the Capulets. He fell in love with her, but apparently she didn’t like him back…and that caused a lot of trouble for him. He basically became depressed. He cried so much, that I’m pretty sure he used around 5 boxes of tissues. He also wrote a poem and a song about her. I can probably make an entire story about his love life because it’s so dramatic.

Rosaline? You know there is a rumour about Romeo and Juliet Capulet. Do you know anything about that?

Juliet who? Are you talking about the daughter of the Capulets? Romeo never said anything about her, so I don’t think it’s true. And you know she is a Capulet.

On the topic of the Capulets, rumor has it that you and some friends broke into a Capulet party. Is this true?

Umm… Nope, we didn’t. I’m a Montague I’m not allowed to go to the Capulet’s party. Who said that?

Really? But we have pictures and other evidence of you at the party. Are you sure this isn’t you? (Shows pictures)

I’m so bad at lying! Alright, I admit it. Romeo, Mercutio and me, we might have snuck into a Capulet party. Because Romeo really wanted to see Rosaline. Why not? It’s not our fight, it’s our fathers; we didn’t have any bad intentions towards the Capulets. I’m pretty sure they saw us, but Sir Capulet kinda just accepted our presence. We had so much fun.

So what do you think about the Montague and Capulet feud?

I hate it. I actually don’t even know why we are fighting, so there is no point in fighting. If they knew each other, there would be no fight between Montagues and Capulets. Perhaps, if Romeo and Rosaline had been in a relationship, it would have affected the families positively, you know.

I see… Recently there is some issue between Montagues and Capulets, when Mercutio died. You are on the Montague side. Many people think you gave false testimony to Prince. Any comment on that?

That is definitely not true at all. You know I’m a person who fights for peace. I’m smart enough to know what is going to be happen if I lie. It’s going to make a situation worse and what’s the benefit of that?


Q) Companies will do well in the short run and/or the long run and another that may fall in the short run and/or the long run and give reasons for your choices. What may have influenced the increase or decrease in the price of each stock


I think LG(066570.KS) is going to do well in the short run because the stock is keep increasing by unveiling new devices. They will do well because recently (Feb 22), ‘The G5’s unveiling has helped push LG shares up 3 percent'(1) and it still affect LG positively. In long run they also going to do well because they lost money from its mobile business last years, however between July to August they are keep increasing (trend from the last 6 month) so they will do well in the long run. They did this by ‘replace or upgrade functions such as camera and audio independently'(2).

1) http://www.reuters.com/article/us-telecoms-mobileworld-lg-elec-idUSKCN0VW2HY



I think Starbucks (SBUX.SW) is going to do well in the short run but not in the long run for a while because I think weather affect a lot. Middle of  September when the weather gets cold stock started to increasing but from now the weather is going to get warm so it’s going to do well in the short run(about a week to two weeks) however from the December the trend is decreasing.

The Effect of Music on Memory

Today in I&S class we did an experiment to how does music effect on memory. To test this experiment we had 4 lists of 13 random words and chose 4 types of music. We had silence, the Beatles, Guns&Roses and Let it go.

Before we started this experiment I predicted that the class was going to have the highest average score in silence because we can concentrate more than with the music or noise, so worst was going be Guns&Roses.

I hypothesis was right on highest score. However, the result was different because Beatles song ended up with the lowest score. The reason is because it was the first time we played the music and tried to memorize the word, we weren’t used to it.

Nature vs Nurture

Scientists have been a continuous debate on either our genetics or how we were nurtured (nature vs nurture) had more of an effect on us today. Most of the research has been done on identical twins because they have similar DNA, that can support their arguments and easy to see the difference or similarity between them.

Which is a greater influence on who we are, our genetic make up or our surroundings?

NATURE: In Edinburgh University support nature side, they researched 800 sets of identical and non-identical twins to learn whether genetics or environment had a greater effect on how successful people are in life. 800 sets of identical and non-identical twins to learn whether genetics or upbringing has a greater effect on how successful people are in life. They asked a series of question “Are you influenced by people with strong opinions?”. Applying their answers, researchers could assess and categorize different personality traits for each person. Researchers found that identical twins were twice as likely as non-identical twins to share the same personality traits, it shows that their DNA was having the greatest impact.

NURTURE: Lot of scientists and psychologists did lot of experiments, like identical or non-identical twins test or experiments on animal. If environment didn’t impact on us, then identical twins should be exactly the same in all result and outcomes but a number of studies show that they are never EXACTLY same. It is hard to say which on has a bigger impact on us, but personally I believe that nurture has a bigger impact. I think nurture has a bigger impact because I can see the difference between my mother and her sister. They are identical twins, but they have different talent and way to think (perspective) because they had different nurture and environment. My mother was living in Japan for six years and I can see her personality and perspective changed, it’s easy to see they changes because when we were in Korea and lived close, they had same personality and perspective.


Powell, Kimberly. “Nature vs Nurture: What Really Shapes Who We Are?”About.com Parenting. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Dec. 2015. <http://genealogy.about.com/cs/geneticgenealogy/a/nature_nurture_2.htm>.

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Starting your own business

The first I&S project was that we need to design our own product and make a video to investors. We decided to make a product that customer can design their own backpack.

Idea of my group was company call DyB is a small company that lets customers design their own backpack. DyB will be an online service where you can select the parts you want and we will fit them together to make the perfect bag for customers. The prize of each individual part will be shown when you select it so you have an overall view of how much the end product will cost. However the current overall prize will be viewable on your screen whilst you are still designing the bag. To make sure you know what the bag will look like when all the parts are put together there will be a sample bag that will change and adapt to your selections. To make the decisions easier for you suggestions for you linked on the page

The website will let you pick each part of your own backpack and you can design your own. You can add features like paper organizer, protection cases, portable chargers that fixed on the bag, pockets for your phone or train pass and pan. also it has space for snack box. You can chose if you need pockets on the side for water bottle. Also you can choose color and different designs.

We would need 40-50 people. 5-10 truck drivers, 10-20 managers, 10-15 mechanics, 7-10 forklift drivers.

Product will be available to everyone and it will be as cheap as we can make it. An approximation of the price of one bag would be 150 US $ but it would obviously change the price by what features you choose.

We will need quite a bit of money to start the company. 50,000 US$ would probably be enough for the beginning and then we could see how much profit we make off of this. Later on, we can decide if we need sponsors or if we already make enough profit.