Drama: Infomercial

In drama class we need to make a informercial video and my product was talking dolls.

My barriers was that I’m not using that much tone of the voice and gesture, also using peer word was kind of hard too because I don’t use gesture while I’m speaking often, and Im not changing my tone of the voice when I was talking. Another thing that barriers me was, I got nervous because when I started recording I need to speck clearly and I need to use peer world to intrudes my product.I think I need to keep practice and try to use big or changes of my voice in my life. Also it’s good to watching people who talking with big gesture can help me too I think.It just mental barriers so if I keep try and practice I can make an improvement and it become a normal thing to talk in front of people.

Drama:persuasive speech

In drama class we writhing persuasive speeches about a topic that you chose. My topic was “Dogs are better than Cats”. In my speech I talk about some fact from some animal site.

Clip #19 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In this speech, I think I made rally good script, and present well/ better than 7th grade speech. Sometime I look at my speech but mostly I try to look at audience and try to do eye contact with audience. When I watched my video, it is not that bad as what I thought. I think the structure of my speech is very clear but I was really nervous when I present my speech, so I kind of miss some part, but still my structure has every thing that I need. One thing I can improve on is I need to speak more clearly, get more confidence and can change my voice tone.

I could use a persuasive speech in my life now for if I wanted to buy something, but I don’t have money to buy that thing, so when I have to persuasive my parents to buy that things or stuff.I could use a persuasive speech in the future for when I need to present new product, I need make then they want this product or they want to use this once.

It is useful to know how to prepare a speech and know how to structure a speech because it is useful in future, when you want to make a speech. If your speech don’t have right structure, then people can’t understand what you are try to say and point. Also important to know how to present speeches because when you speaking in front of audience, you will feel by yourself confident and comfortable. If you present your speech well, it make to people to attention at your speech and what you are saying.

Elevator Scene

Last Drama class, we showed our elevator scene to the class. I think we did good job but we can improve some part because some parts are not clear to the audience and make it realistic. I think if I were really stuck in an elevator, I think I’m not going to act like that. One more think is we need to talk about how elevator looks like.

Elevator #4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


This was my final elevator scene. I think that we did a better job in second one then first one. Because in this video we show up how dose each character change when elevator stop. Also we talk about how dose elevator looks like, so it became more realistic reaction. What I can improve next time, I think I need to speak more clearly.

8A Elev 3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


Last Drama class we talk about Stereotypes

What does stereotype mean?

Stereotypes is first received idea or image about a person or character’s visual(how they looks like, what are they wearing, gesture and more). For example, all girls like makeup and pink, all boys like sports and blue.

When are stereotypes useful?

Stereotypes can be useful for improvisation(suddenly). It was good when you have audition or you quickly need to understand the characters. For example, when you have audition suddenly you got a script you need to

Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

NO, because you don’t know exactly who they are, they might be really kind even they looks like scary. People has their layers so you shouldn’t judge a book by cover. But you can think about yourself who they are.