GDC reflection – community engagement

One of the service groups I joined pat 2 years was the GIN Chiku group. The group works towards helping the homeless community in Japan. We visite the Chiku center regularly to provide lunch for homeless people in the area and aim to raise an awareness for the homelessness in Japan to a wider community. For example, we invited a guest speaker, who is a leader of Chiku center, to assembly and talk about how our service group is involved and how can we help so the audience can learn about eh homeless. We also held sports event to get donations and raise an awareness to both player and audiences, by making an announcement and inform what GIN Chiku group are doing and state the purpose of the events.

I believe that participating in this service group helped to raise awareness of the homelessness in Japan. As we explained why there are homeless in Japan and what kind of life they are living, I think audiences gained a better understanding. I wanted wider community in our school know that there are many reasons behind a person who become homeless, such as In Japan a huge decrease in employment due to the collapse of the economy, and also reduce negative stereotypes towards them. My participation also helped the homeless people directly as I helped with the meal provision for them at the Chiku center nearby school, in both morning and lunchtime, which allowed the homeless people to have healthy meals. There were also homeless people around while we were preparing the food in the morning time. I was able to talk to them and listen to their story while preparation for meal provision. As I am able to speak Japanese, this strength helped me in understanding their stories and understand the homeless in Japan better, also translating their stories to our group members who do not speak Japanse to understand those the homeless people live.

Furthermore, in Chiku center, there were many volunteer workers from other organizations. I was able to learn about their experience and activity they were doing, such as how often they come visit Chiku center and what kind of activity they do to raise awareness to people around them.

As I joined this service group, I learned the background of the homeless people in Japan, and able to lost negative stereotypes towards them. I also belives that how my small action can lead to positive outcomes, which was reflected through several events held by service group, such as Onigiri making, how our promotion brought in lot of volunteer outside of service group came to help us out.