We started our new unit, “Film Study” in English class.

During class,we are take photo using techniques like High angle shot & Low angle shot.

the photo is a “High angle shot”(Ayana). A film director,show and give to the small person, so looks like weak.

the photo is a “close up shot”(me).A film director,show the detailed, so we can see the very small something.


we are learned different type for camera skill about angle, zoom and high, give to the different filling and think.

Ueno Zoo

On April 23rd, G6 went to theUeno Zoo. we went on the train

what we did

First Science teachers give to the paper and then we are check the group, my group was Satono, Ayana, Deven and Kent. And we are chosen the one animals, I’m choose the Zebra. Then were about 5 question to answer.

we visited the zebra, kangaroo, flamingo, gibbons and gorilla.

My animals’ environment  looked like man made. Had tree but there weren’t any branches, so I saw red dirt and I can’t saw anything water just saw grass. there other animal together.

looks like tired because less movement and just had been sitting.

If you were an animal at the zoo, do you think you would be happy living there?  No, because I saw so I think I know, limited space make feel cramped.

I think make bigger place and make simmer the Africa. and give to the grassland or grass and water.

my tutorial

bast skill – clear voice because I’m adjust the music volume so you can hear my voice and small music.

bad skill – language because I’m use the Korean so only understand the Korean people then I don’t use English subtitles so vary bed.

Please do this!



Satono has good tutorial skill, she use the clear voice and I think little bit Step-by-Step, but I think she can use zoom in.


 Susanna has good tutorial, she use tips & strategies and Introduction, I think she can say “~~ dangerous”,

tutorial skill!

Rhythm Unit Reflection

Why is rhythm important in music?

Rhythm is important because rhythm adds a whole new dimension to music. and when  the rhythm change, the whole image and though of the song  changes, so you can obviously see that the rhythm is a big and important part of music.

How is rhythm used in music?

I think if the rhythm is repetitive and if there are many  of the same part, it would be easier to remember.

How is rhythm used in your favorite music?

Highlight part of the same rhythm. and section 1 and 2 has a similar rhythm.

How was rhythm used in the music from your Homeland?

Korean Pansori music use the Chuimsae, up and down and vibration sound.




Tutorial Plan Reflect

Step-by-Step : I make the Storyboard

Simple Instructions : My tutorial is simple and Uses the easiest explanation for each step.

if possible I will use the zoom in, out.


I think my tutorial is follow the easy(if possible)

I need to learn how to use the iMove.

Click here! you can see the different skill!

Drama SLC reflection

Hello 6C I’m HyeWon.and welcome to my speech!

I like the food, music, and make something….so many.

When I lived in  Korea I had a dog so I like dogs.


My dog name is lopi. so dog like the a walk, run, play or sleeping and like eating.

My dog favorite food is fruit.and meat.

he likes to catch the ball.

I like a lopi because he is cute dog.  I miss lopi.


so now lopi living in Korea he is a cute dog so I miss lopi.
thank you class for listening to me.


6C Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.